About Simon Kjær GIFs - A look behind the scenes

About Simon Kjær GIFs

What is Simon Kjær GIFs?

Simon Kjær GIFs is your channel with the best animated GIFs, interviews and more. Dedicated to the Danish captain and AC Milan football player Simon Kjær. Do you have a question? Contact Simon Kjær GIFs.

How it all started... with GIFs

What’s better than still images of Simon Kjær? Moving images! Those 5 second clips of fantastic moves, close ups and celebrations with teammates are the best. All animated GIFs are available on Giphy and Tenor. When you search for Kjaer GIFs on WhatsApp, Twitter or any other social media instance, you can easily find and share them.

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Simon Kjær interviews and more

On this website you will find many interviews with Simon Kjær, fully translated into English. Videos, press conferences and more. Many interviews are in Danish or Italian, and here you will find the English translations.

And there's more. Check out more about Simon Kjær at AC Milan and the Danish national team. His collection of tattoos and The Good Young Kjær Collection.

Team Kjær

The amazing team behind this website, which we call 'Team Kjær', has been growing! First it was just 'me', but now we're a party of five! Amongst us are two Danish translators and one Italian translator.

Contact Simon Kjær GIFs

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Send a message or reach out via Instagram.

Team Kjær T-shirt

Team Kjær T-shirt design by Simon Kjær GIFs. Unfortunately, it's not for sale. Not yet. Hopefully one day!

Front: Team Kjær - For Danmark
Back: 4 - Because he's a legend

Thank you

Thank you for visiting Simon Kjær GIFs. This website was designed by and for Simon Kjær fans all around the globe! Special thanks to Randi and Karen for translating Simon Kjær interviews from Danish into English. And a huge thank you to @for_danmark and @simonkjaerscreenshots for contributing to the meaning behind Simon Kjær tattoos. Do you have any suggestions for this website? Send a message.

Videos & Interviews

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