Best Looking Footballer - Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær: Best looking footballer and hottest football player in the world

The Danish AC Milan player Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer of all times. Let's have a look at some pictures and details of the hottest football player: Simon Kjær.

​​​​​​​Nationality: Denmark
​​​​​​​Age: 33 years (1989-03-26)
​​​​​​​Position: Defender
​​​​​​​Preferred foot: Right
​​​​​​​Height: 189 cm
​​​​​​​Weight: 86 kg
​​​​​​​Current teams: AC Milan, Denmark

Who is the best looking footballer?

AC Milan footballer Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer, because he's handsome, tall and strong. Simon Kjær is considered to have the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair.

One look at this Simon Kjær GIF and you will understand why he is the best looking footballer. Of all times.

Watch more Simon Kjær GIFs and read all about his hairstyles.

When did Simon Kjær become the best looking footballer?

It didn't take long before the world could see that Simon Kjær is the most handsome football player ever. Early in his football career beautiful pictures were taken of the young Danish viking.

Watch more of this from the Good Young Kjær Collection.

Why is Simon Kjær the best looking footballer?

Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer, because his appearance is absolutely stunning. His eyes are as blue as a deep blue ocean. He has got the prettiest smile. Simon Kjær is strong, hot and extremely good looking.

Simon Kjær: Footballer with the most beautiful eyes

Did we say Simon Kjær's eyes are "as blue as a deep blue ocean"? Alright. That's an understatement.

Simon Kjær Shirtless

Let's proceed with some shirtless pictures of Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær: Best looking footballer pictures

As said before, many pictures prove why Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer. This is what he looks like with the Danish National Team and with AC Milan.

Simon Kjær best looking footballer video

Have a look at this video and you will probably understand why Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer.

Watch the English translation of this interview with Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær wearing a suit

We've seen pictures of Simon Kjær when he was really young, when he was shirtless and when he was wearing football jerseys. So one thing has been missing yet: Simon Kjær wearing a suit. What does that look like? Prepare for maximum hotness during the prestigious annual football award ceremony Ballon d'Or 2021.

Watch the full Ballon d'Or interview with Simon Kjær. Wearing a suit.

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