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EURO 2020 featuring Simon Kjær

To anyone who can't get enough of Simon Kjær's performance during EURO 2020, here are the highlights. The story of Simon Kjær during EURO 2020 and the best GIFs.

EURO 2020: Denmark vs Finland

Denmark's first match during EURO 2020 is certainly one we won't forget, due to the collapse of Eriksen. Kjær was among the first ones reaching out to him. The match resulted in a 0-1 win for Finland, but all that really mattered, was that Eriksen survived. Let's just not look at those horrible images again, but at Simon Kjær kicking a ball.

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EURO 2020: Denmark vs Belgium

We all wondered how Denmark would keep their heads up. They played the match against Belgium for Eriksen and for all of Denmark.

We saw Kjær versus Lukaku during the match between Denmark and Belgium. Although Kjær and Schmeichel have been fixing some things, the match ended in a 1-2 victory for Belgium.

EURO 2020: Russia vs Denmark

"I think we have all the quality to do it," said Simon before the match against Russia. During the match Simon Kjær and Jens Stryger held this little meeting, just before a free kick. Can someone take notes?

Only moments later, Russia was given a penalty kick. Speak up, if you disagree! And that's what Kjær did. But the referee didn't change his mind.

After all, Denmark won with 1-4 and qualified for the quarter finals. Kjær celebrates with Mathias Jensen.

EURO 2020: Wales vs Denmark

Before we continue, let's sing along with the national anthem of Denmark.

During the first half, this remarkable moment happened behind Kjær's back.

After Denmark's 0-4 victory against Wales, it was time to celebrate. Check out these good times with Simon Kjær and Kasper Dolberg.

EURO 2020: Czech Republic vs Denmark

The match between Czech Republic and Denmark took place in Baku, which means high temperatures! During the press conference Kasper Schmeichel was asked about it and he said something like: "At least I won't be freezing." A funny moment that turned a big smile upon Simon Kjær's face!

Highlights of the match between Czech Republic and Denmark? A 1-2 victory for Denmark and captain Kjær being on fire again.

EURO 2020: England vs Denmark

Semi finals! Simon Kjær walks into Wembley, first man for Denmark on the pitch. He looks so focused and proud.

Thanks to a fantastic header by Kjær, Sterling was denied access to the goal.

During EURO 2020 Kjær has shown what it means to be a captain.

We've seen a very strong Kjær fighting against Harry Kane. Nevertheless, the semi finals resulted in a 2-1 win for England.

And that was the end of an amazing journey for Denmark, full of remarkable moments. Denmark, be proud!

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