FIFA - Simon Kjær - Looks Like This

Simon Kjær: Your favourite FIFA defender

Simon Kjær is the defender you need when playing the popular football game FIFA. That's for sure! What does Simon Kjær look like in FIFA? Time to find out more.

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What does Simon Kjær look like in FIFA 22?

In FIFA 22 Simon Kjær looks strong, focused and hot. Like in real life. In the following picture you can see what Simon Kjær looks like in FIFA 22. Looks pretty much like him, don't you think?

More Simon Kjær FIFA pictures

Let's have a look at some more FIFA pictures of Simon Kjær. First of all, some pictures of Simon Kjær with AC Milan.

Ante Rebic, Brahim Díaz, Simon Kjær and Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The only thing that is really missing in FIFA: Simon Kjær's tattoos. Apparently, they don't do tattoos in FIFA. Anyway, let's check out some more FIFA pictures.

What's cooler than winning the Champions League in FIFA with Simon Kjær? Alright, winning Champions League in real life. But still, this is pretty sweet.

Simon Kjær Moments FIFA video

Check out this video of the presentation of Simon Kjær Moments in FIFA 22. How nice is this!

Simon Kjær scoring a goal in FIFA

Yes he scores! In this video you can see Simon Kjær scoring a goal for Denmark in FIFA 19. Look at 7:30. The commentator says about Simon Kjær: "A defender that scores ... you don't see that every day! And here he proves how versatile he is!" Spoiler alert, the match between Denmark and Iceland ended in 12 - 0.

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