Footballer hairstyle: Simon Kjær - Short hair, long hair

Simon Kjær's hairstyle: Long hair, short hair

It is not much of a secret that AC Milan defender Simon Kjær's hairstyle is quite a thing. The best looking footballer has had long hair, short hair and all that's in between. Let's talk about Simon Kjær's different hairstyles and the footballer haircut of 2022.

Simon Kjær hairstyle collections

Simon Kjær with long hair, short hair and all that's in between: What does that look like? Prepare for lots of different hairstyles! Watch the Simon Kjær hairstyle collections created by @simonkjaerscreenshots.

Simon Kjær hairstyle: Long hair and headbands

Early in his career, Simon Kjær had long hair. When he played for Wolfsburg for example, we've seen him with a headband many times.

Simon Kjær hairstyle: Man bun

During his time for LOSC Lille, Simon Kjær had a man bun most of the time on the pitch.

Simon Kjær's haircut in 2016

The big Simon Kjær hairstyle make-over took place in 2016 when he played for Fenerbahçe. Away with the long hair. Let's just cut it all off.

Simon Kjær EURO 2020 hairstyle

Simon Kjær started EURO 2020 with a fresh haircut. As can been seen from this GIF.

Simon Kjær 2.0: Long hair again

During his heavy knee injury in 2022, Simon Kjær let grow his hair again.

Get the hair bands from the past back because they are needed now more than ever before! See the resemblance with LOSC Lille and Fenerbahçe times!

And look at this: 2014 versus 2022.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more!

Many thanks @simonkjaerscreenshots for contributing.

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