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Blog: Hello Simon

It is happening. I'm going to Denmark in October 2023 to hopefully make a dream cometrue: See Simon Kjær playing. I'm taking you with me on this journey.

16 October 2023 19:55

#17 One final note

Apart from Randi, who arranged the tickets, several other people were involved to make this day better than I could have ever imagined. You know who you are. And you're the best. Thank you.

One of you said to me: "In the end Simon is also just a person." Believe me, he is not just a person. He's a legend.

16 October 2023 19:53

#16 A dream came true

Then it was time to go. We made memories that will last a lifetime.

It was a dream for me to see Simon Kjær playing. And it happened. To finally see him. Was beyond everything.

16 October 2023 19:49

#15 Gift for Simon

The Team Kjær keychain that I mentioned before, I also had one for Simon. With on the back: 129. To celebrate his record. I gave it to him and hopefully he likes this little gesture.

16 October 2023 19:46

#14 Postcard

I asked Simon to sign a card for a friend, Marianne, a fan who couldn't be there. She has collected many autographs from different players on Simon's jersey, but his one was missing.

I made a postcard from a picture that she sent me and Simon put his autograph on it. She will have it in her mailbox soon.

16 October 2023 19:34

#13 Hello Simon

Randi and I were really lucky to see Simon Kjær after the match to say hi. It was incredible and we are so grateful. Simon said to me: "Thank you for your great work." That is so kind.

I congratulated him with 129 appearances for Denmark. He took the time to chat with us and to take some pictures. It is still very surreal that that happened.

16 October 2023 19:18

#12 Showtime

The national anthem always gives me crazy vibes even though I'm not Danish. Then it was really showtime when the match against Kazakhstan started. It was so cool to see Simon playing. He's such a fighter. He is ruthless and goes for it with every fiber in him.

It was so cool when they scored the 1-0 and celebrated. 90 minutes were over before we knew it. It went by so fast. And a 3-1 win. What a great way for Simon to reach the all-time record of 129 matches for Denmark.

16 October 2023 18:09

#11 Warm up

We waited patiently until warm up started. And then, yes the players walked onto the pitch. It was my first time to ever see Simon in real life on the pitch. So that was something special. The stadium started to fill up until there were no empty seats left.

16 October 2023 16:43

#10 The magic of Parken

Once we were inside Parken stadium, I was overwhelmed by the view that I had seen only on my screen so many times.

16 October 2023 16:37

#9 Fanzone

Before we went inside the stadium, we went to the fanzone for some drinks, music and good times with many Danish fans. Red and white preparty.

16 October 2023 16:36

#8 Meeting Randi

On 14 October 2023 in the afternoon, Randi and I met for the first time in real life. She gave me an official DBU Denmark scarf, which is so kind. Such a beautiful gift. I had a little present for her too, a Team Kjær keychain, that I designed for this special occasion.

Okay, time to head to Parken Stadium.

6 October 2023 21:21

#7 Why

Why I made this website simonkjaergifs.com and follow Simon Kjær? Because he is the most inspiring, most disciplined, most caring and best looking footballer and human being on this planet.

6 October 2023 21:19

#6 Denmark preparations

Flight check. Simon Kjær hoodie check. Tickets check. It is really happening, I’m going to Denmark and hopefully see Simon Kjær.

6 October 2023 21:17

#5 The jersey

A little while after the match in Cologne, Germany, I received a message from Simon Kjær's manager that they wanted to send me a signed jersey of Simon. I was over the moon of course. What a great gift. They didn't have to do that, but they did.

6 October 2023 21:03

#4 Previous attempt to see Simon Kjær: Cologne, Germany

On 16 July 2022 I went to the friendly match between 1.FC Köln and AC Milan. I had high hopes that Simon Kjær would be there, because he had recovered from his knee injury. Maybe you remember, I painted a banner with the text: Simon Kjær can I have your jersey? Sweet. But he wasn't there.

6 October 2023 20:58

#3 Tickets

One essential thing to make it happen: tickets to the match against Kazakhstan. It was a thing, because usually most tickets sell out to members, before public sale even starts. But thankfully, my friend and Danish translator for this website, Randi, arranged it.

In the meantime Parken stadium has sold out, as usual. A full stadium. I cannot wait to see what that looks like. And to see Simon Kjær. Just like that.

25 September 2023 20:02

#2 Team Kjær hoodie

Before ticket sale even started, I designed a Team Kjær hoodie. That's not the right order, I know. Anyway, it has arrived and it's beautiful. Pretty Danish red with the following text: Team Kjær Danmark.

If only there was more Simon merch on the market. Think about it. We need it. Sweaters, umbrellas (perfect for Danish weather), socks, pillows... I think I speak for many if I say: We would buy it.

20 September 2023 13:37

#1 Let's get the party started

On 14 October 2023 Denmark will be playing the European qualifying match against Kazakhstan and I'm planning to go there. I've booked a flight to Copenhagen a while ago, so that's a start.

This is not my first attempt to see Simon Kjær playing, but it never succeeded. I will tell you more along the way.

For now I'm just happy that I'll be going to the fabulous city of Copenhagen in Simon's homeland. Stay tuned for more!

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