Interview Kjær and Eriksen about their 100th match for Denmark
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Interview Simon Kjær and Christian Eriksen about their 100th match

Interview: TV 2 SPORT · 11 Oct 2020

Interview with Simon Kjær and Christian Eriksen about their 100th appearance for the Danish national team against England on October 14, 2020. The match resulted in a 0-1 win for Denmark. Read the English translation below.

Kjær and Eriksen about achieving 100 appearances for the national team

Christian Eriksen and Simon Kjær side by side in the national team’s training camp talking about reaching 100 international caps.

Simon Kjær: "I hadn’t even dreamed of it when I first came in and got my debut."

Christian Eriksen: "It will be mega cool and mega huge..."

Simon Kjær: "It’s fantastic and something I’m extremely proud of."

These two young players debuted in 2009 and 2010 respectively and have developed into the national team’s leaders. And privately they have become friends.

Simon Kjær: "We live in the same city..."

Christian Eriksen: "I’ve gotten a bit of advice from Simon before I moved to Italy because he is after all fluent in Italian. I’ve asked him questions and gotten quite a bit of help."

Now in the next couple of games they’ll be able to reach the 100 club with the likes of Peter Schmeichel, Michael Laudrup and Morten Olsen.

Christian Eriksen: "Many of them are obviously the players known throughout Danmark as legends who’ve been with us for many years."

Do you see yourself as a legend since you’ll be joining that club pretty soon?

Simon Kjær: "No I don’t... I mean, I’m still a guy from Horsens in Jylland."

Christian Eriksen: "For me, maybe it’ll come when you’ve retired and you have a look at where you are on that list."

"I’m still a guy from Horsens in Jylland."

- Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national team

And so the question is, which of them will get the most international caps?

Christian Eriksen: "Simon. He’s got good legs at the moment and I think he’ll keep going for quite a number of years yet."

Simon Kjær: "Unless Christian gets injured or decides to start a career in bowling, he should reach the top of that list. I believe Christian can."

Many thanks to Karen for the English translation.