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Simon Kjær interview after Australia - Denmark

Interview: TV2 SPORT · 30 Nov 2022

Interview with Simon Kjær on 30 November 2022 after Australia won 1 - 0 over Denmark during the Qatar World Cup 2022. Simon Kjær didn't play, but was interviewed afterwards. Denmark was sent home. What does Simon say?

Simon Kjær interview

And Simon Kjær, what kind of thoughts are going through your head right now as captain of a Danish national team that is out of the World Cup after a defeat to Australia this evening?

Simon Kjær: "Disappointment, in principle also very empty. Of course, incredibly disappointed, and we really just have to lie down. There is not much to say. Piss disappointed on behalf of the team. I know the boys are too. Then we have to take all the beatings that come, and at some point look forward."

Is it only the result that you are disappointed with or are there other things as well?

Simon Kjær: "Yes, of course I'm disappointed with the result, I think there are many good moments, but the bottom line is we lose 1-0 to Australia. And I also said after the last game, that if we can't finish the job ourselves, then it's also fair enough that we suffer this fate."

You sat and watched from the bench. What do you see as the decisive element because you cannot win this match?

Simon Kjær: "I can't analyze the match, I don't think it's the right time for me at the moment. They don't make a thing, we don't make a thing. I think we have a lot of good situations today. But they were more in front of the checkout than we were."

Has all that fuss outside the field, has it had some significance, because compared to the European Championship you experienced where you had this popular support, where the whole of Denmark was involved, it has not been the same atmosphere this time, has it had any significance, also on the field for you?

Simon Kjær: "I'm not going to stand here and make any excuse, that's our football we have to look at. Of course, it was something special to play in Denmark, but here we also felt a fantastic support from home. And so... we are insanely disappointed by this. But it has also been under some other conditions. I think we all agree on that. Us who stand either on one or the other side of this camera. And I think that's a shame for a final round, but it's not an excuse."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.