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Interview Simon Kjær after Denmark - Belgium

Interview: Eurosport · 5 Sep 2020

Simon Kjær interview after Denmark against Belgium on September 5, 2020, which ended in a 0-2 win for Belgium. Read the English translation below.

Interview Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær, it was a 2-0 defeat to Belgium here in Kaspers Hjulmand's first match. Are you just as disappointed with the performance as with the result?

Simon Kjær: "No, I really think in many moments we control the match. We actually also have good control of them, pushing the dead ball like we have not locked in for a really really long time. We're going to be a little wrong. So this is something we need to learn from."

Simon Kjær: "And then they score on such a half conversion where Andreas Christensen is isolated inside the middle, and we have all talked about that it is ... and then it falls down from the foot, it is actually also pretty much the only thing they have so ... Cynicism, it must be said."

"This is something we need to learn from."

- Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær: "Seems the moment in the game we get moved well, sometimes it goes a little too slow, but overall I think it's okay. There are just a few small things in terms of coming up with some more clear chances but you can´t expect much against such a team, but of course we are disappointed we have lost."

Did you notice you met a team that has - what can you say - played with their game concept for 4 years, with the same coach, while you start a new era under Hjulmand?

Simon Kjær: "No, I do not think so, we can feel it is an excellent team we are up against. They work hard, and are insanely dangerous on conversions. Whether it's low, high, they always have 3 players lying and thinking in that thing. Sometimes they also let them give 2 against 1 out in the sides, where they then shift sides afterwards and they are insanely good at closing the room down even though you actually feel you have plenty of time on the ball."

Simon Kjær: "And then they have lots of quality. If the pressure does not hang there 100 percent, then they just play you out of it and it gets hard in the long run. It's a tough physical match, but I really like the things we talked about, the way we want to move the ball, the way we want to get on the field and create space for each other, I think it succeeds very well at times, but of course we must continue to work."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.


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