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Simon Kjær interview after Denmark - Finland

Interview: DBU · 23 Mar 2023

Simon Kjær interview about Denmark's 3-1 victory against Finland on 23 March 2023. Watch the interview and read the full English translation below.

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær, 3 points in the first match in European qualification at home against Finland. How does it feel?
Simon Kjær: "Fantastic. An important start to a new qualification. We concede a single goal that we shouldn't concede, but apart from that, I think we play a good controlled game. And in certain periods we may have to play a bit faster because they stands down there and comes with a little more ball than we had expected. So it was a good and cool match and we got what we needed and it was a victory."

What do you think of the DNA shown by this team today? I am thinking of the victory of course.
Simon Kjær: "Well, character. They scored at a bit of an annoying time, when we are really in full control and they are pushing to make number 2. And there we just have to reset and just swallow it. But I think we really get going again quickly and the people who come in from the bench. They did it fantastic well and came with a lot of energy and came in and made a difference too. It shows again how much quality we have and a really, really good performance I think."

And then just at the end, a few words on our number 11 up front, is it an okay way to start in Parken with 3 goals in the match?
Simon Kjær: "Yes, he will make one or two more today, but we have to settle for 3. No, it's a fantastic match for Rasmus and he faces a great future, if he continues in this way and continues to develop. I think it's a huge step he's taken in the time he's been in Italy and really just coming in now. A young lad, who likes to play football and brings it all so it's a pleasure. He was the difference today."

Can you actually see a difference in him when he first entered the camp, where there was a June assembly last year, to the assembly we are sitting with now?
Simon Kjær: "Yes, I can see the difference. I can also see the difference from, probably more, noticeable in how he has quietly worked his way into Serie A and how he is a factor down there. He has some very unique top skills in the form of his speed and actually also his strength and then he is good at covering the ball. Finishes well and it is a reasonably good combination if you are a top forwardplayer."

Many thanks to Randi the English translation.

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