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Interview Simon Kjær after Denmark - Iceland

Interview: Eurosport · 15 Nov 2020

Simon Kjær interview after Denmark against Iceland on November 15, 2020, which ended in a 2-1 win for Denmark. Read the English translation below.

Interview Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær, is it a feeling of relief first and foremost that you are standing here with?

Simon Kjær: "No, three points, that's the important thing. There are things to change, we are well aware of that, but no I don´t want to say I´m, relieved. Of course, it got a little, a little exciting in the end, which was completely unnecessary. But three points are three points."

What happens in the phase where it gets a little hectic?

Simon Kjær: "We stress too much on the ball, and got to run after them, in the pressure instead. It is up to us to decide when we put the pressure on, so we just have to look at how we can adjust those things in relation to pressure, even when we get a little lower. But I think there are basically many things that we can also take with us today, but there are definitely some things we should look at."

"It got a little exciting in the end, which was completely unnecessary. But three points are three points."

- Simon Kjær

When was the situation at the goal? It looks like in the pictures you are standing and correcting the armband.

Simon Kjær: "It was another ball ... It was another ball, that we will stand on for a while. I can sense there is something behind, but I don’t think about it going deep, and then he will be played inside, even when Jannik is in the situation, and it's a situation where I really just have to fall to begin with, but I think we are so far down and I simply don´t think he can get it through. But he could then, it's just a matter of looking at how we will stand in the situation, but that must at least be rectified."

But after all a day of joy, now the group final against Belgium.

Simon Kjær: "Absolutely, we have to take those things with us, we also have to be critical, and we will be. But as you say, what we had hoped for, was we could win the match today and have a final in Belgium. We have it now, so we should be happy about that too."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.

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