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Interview Simon Kjær after Denmark - Israel

Interview: Herrelandsholdet · 7 Sep 2021

Simon Kjær interview right after the 5 - 0 win of Denmark against Israel on September 7, 2021.

Kjær interview at Parken Stadium, Copenhagen

Kjær: “These are the evenings at Parken that we’ve talked about. You’re not going to find a better place to play football as a Dane. This has been a huge privilege to me as a player. We’ve been through a lot and have played against smaller nations here at Parken, for about 15.000 people. Now we’ve played two matches, against Scotland and Israel, at a full house, 35.000 people. It’s been such a pleasure and it’s very important to keep on pushing. And let people know how much that means to us.”

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Kjær: ”When we drove from Helsingør today, fans lined the streets to cheer for us. That’s very unique and something we must enjoy as long as we can. We have to give everything, not only on the pitch, but also outside the pitch. So, a huge thank you from the players to all the fans.”

How do you feel about these fans lining the roads on the way to Parken? And the support you got today and last time?

Kjær: “You know, it’s hard when you’ve been playing 115 matches for the national team. And then something new happens. This is new. This is new. To me and to the national team. It’s really, really crazy to be part of this. I just take it all in.”

“Fortunately, I know from past experience when to sit down and enjoy. The younger players will find out in about 10 or 15 years what this is. What we have right now. I think only people that remember 1992 will fully understand it.”

"This is new... To me and to the national team. It’s really, really crazy to be part of this."

- Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national football team

Kjær: “So, this is amazing. Something we have to take with us. And something we have to carry on with.... We want more.”

“The support that we’re getting… and the results… it's absolutely amazing. But we’re still not at the World Championship. So, we’ll have to continue working hard. We’re a bunch of people, who enjoy being together. But at the same time, we want more. It’s a very, very unique situation that we’re in. Thank you.”

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.

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