Simon Kjær interview after AC Milan - Napoli
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Simon Kjær interview after AC Milan - Napoli

Interview: Sport Mediaset · 12 Apr 2023

Simon Kjær interview after AC Milan's 1-0 win against Napoli on 12 April 2023. Watch the interview with the King of defense and read the full English translation below.

Simon Kjær interview

From Milan Tottenham to this night, Mr Pioli asked for your experience and, finally, Milan's net is unviolated.

Simon Kjær: "Yes, from my injury and in general in all my career, these are the games that make me feel alive. I found the way to feel good on the field, these are nights where you can win or lose everything and this charges me up."

But, Simon, it seems you found the way to stop Napoli from scoring. Which is the secret? If you can say it without anyone taking advantage of it. Because it's two games that you stopped the team that was scoring the most goals. It's the position? The movements? The harmony with the wings?

Simon Kjær: "For me, Rafa, Oli, Bennacer, Brahim they all did a good pressing and if they do their job good, whenever an action comes to the defense, we're already in place and it's all in our favour. Napoli has good qualities but I think we found the best way to work together in the defense phase."

Many thanks to @simon_kjaer_fan_page_milan_ on Instagram for sharing this video. And many thanks to Jessica (@jex_goodheart on Instagram) for the English translation.

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