Interview Simon Kjær after Sampdoria - AC Milan
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Interview Simon Kjær after Sampdoria - AC Milan

Interview: Sky Sport · 10 Sep 2022

Interview with Simon Kjær after AC Milan's 2-1 victory over Sampdoria on 10 September 2022. His first full match after his injury.

Note: A few scenes in this video had to be replaced by pictures, because of copyright. The translation below is based on the extended TV version of this interview.

Interview Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær: "I am very happy with the victory for the team. It was a very tough match and I am very tired, but I am very happy."

"We have many players who can play well in the form with the 3-man defense, but others like Rafa can also struggle. Sometimes with his qualities, he doesn't run too far back, so I told him: "It's okay, I can run for you, we can run all together." As long as he continues to make the difference up front there's no problem. I know that's something the coach is thinking about, but it's not so easy to insert it in our training program. We can try it and in the end, the coach decides."

"There is a hunger for improvement in everyone. The mentality of the team is very, very good now. We have a lot of players in every position and that's a good thing. That means every one of us should do his best every day, so we can also create some difficulties for Pioli. (he laughs) We have an excellent group, we are like a great family that wants to win."

"We have an excellent group, we are like a great family that wants to win."

- Simon Kjær

Interview Simon Kjær

"We are ready for a great Champions League, absolutely yes. The way we play is more European than Italian. Football in Italy has changed a lot in recent years: much more dynamic and less tactical. We are the best in this type of football right now in my opinion. In today's game, we missed just a little bit, but it can happen in every match. Today we can also see that we are in Italy, so we know how to defend."

Then, in the studio, something very nice happened. Italian football manager Walter Zenga, who was commenting live connected from his Dubai home, said to Simon that he knows him since his Palermo times, back in 2009. He said he has no questions for him, he just wanted to say hi to him and saying he's happy to see his smile. Simon was very happy and replies: "Thank you Walter, I'm also very happy to see you."

Simon Kjær and coach Walter Zenga back in 2009, with Palermo.

Then, another journalist asked him if he ever thought after the injury, to give up and which is his advice to the young guys who are suffering for injuries.

Simon Kjær: "For me, it was very important to take one day at a time. I get up, do the work 100% and then, I reset for the next day. Because, if I have to do 10 exercises, but instead of 10 I do only 8, it means that I already missed 20% of my training. So, you should do all the work every day and then, always reset yourself. Doing every day and doing a reset: it's not easy, but with time you need to change a bit. I am very happy I did not have this injury at 22."

Many thanks to Emanu for the English translation.

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