Interview Simon Kjær after Sassuolo - AC Milan
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Interview Simon Kjær after Sassuolo - AC Milan

Interview: Sky Sport · 30 Aug 2022

Interview with Simon Kjær after the match between Sassuolo and AC Milan on August 30, 2022. This was his first match after nine months, since he got injured in December 2021.

The video is a shorter version than the one originally broadcast on TV. Below you will find the translation of the TV version. Including a memorably moment at the very end.

Interview Simon Kjær

First of all, welcome back to Serie A! Also Sassuolo fans were happy to see you again and welcomed you warmly!

Simon Kjær: "Yes, these are beautiful things, sometimes there are nice surprises in football. I'm so happy to be back and also for the very nice gesture of Sassuolo fans."

What has changed in these 9 months? How has Milan changed?

Simon Kjær: "We have grown on the same path we started when I was there, we have made a beautiful journey where every player has grown and shown a lot of skills, but then it's up to me to give my all to return playing regularly again and to give the same impact as before. I want to give my best, I want to play, but my teammates have grown a lot lately. So I need to work and fight for it."

Has it become even more difficult for Milan this year after winning the Scudetto? The other teams are looking even more determined and aggressive against you.

Simon Kjær: "I don't think it's that different, we still need to do our best, but we have to be prepared because this year it will always be like that. Everyone wants to beat the Italian champions. It will be a different championship than last year and I didn't know... I was surprised that Sassuolo put everyone behind and then has succeeded to get a point against us, but that will be the story of this season, it will be an intense championship until the end. And we have to grow to be there at the top until the end."

How Milan has changed lately? What is the attitude you need to have to improve even more in your opinion?

Simon Kjær: "Well, we must have the same hunger, the same attitude we had last year. And even now, every day we have to work, every day we have to give our best to get to the next day and to keep doing the same thing again. It's something that's not easy mentally, but it's something where we can grow up."

"We had a very intense week now, a very, very beautiful one, then, at the end we didn't get the desired result today. It was like something was still missing. So it means that there is still something to work on tomorrow. The important thing is that our attitude to attack every game will always be there and that's something we all need to maintain. We must always be very careful, because if we start to brake a little, we are not the same. So there is a lot to do."

How do you manage the championship now?

Simon Kjær: "In my opinion, our relationship between the coach and his staff is very good. We should keep on doing the same things every day, because we know what we are doing is fine. But there is still a lot of work to be done. We need to improve and to maintain this hunger, because if we play with this hunger, with this intensity, and with our strength, in my opinion, we are the best in Italy. But without that, we can also encounter difficulties then. With the great players we have, we are strong, but as I said, we need to always give our best and keep going."

"If we play with this hunger, with this intensity, and with our strength, in my opinion, we are the best in Italy."

- Simon Kjær

Funny thing: While Simon was talking, Correa scored for Inter in the match against Cremonese. So the studio journalist said to him and while listening to the action and his goal Simon smiled, also when the journalist remarked that the derby is coming up next.

Simon Kjær: "Thank you, and have a good evening everyone."

That was it. Here's a picture of Simon Kjær being interviewed by Sky Sport journalist Peppe di Stefano.

Many thanks to Emanu for the English translation.

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