Interview Simon Kjær before Ballon d'Or 2021
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Interview Simon Kjær before Ballon d'Or 2021

Interview: Sport Mediaset · 29 Nov 2021

Interview Simon Kjær about Ballon d'Or 2021. Who does he think will win?

Simon Kjær interview

Well, Simon, let's say a return almost to normality, because finally we return to assign this great award. What are your emotions on the eve of this very important evening?

Simon Kjær: "Well, I'm happy to be here for the first time and I'm here with my wife. However it's a positive thing for football."

Who do you think will win in the end?

Simon Kjær: "Oh, a good question."

Who deserves it according to your point of view?

Simon Kjær: "I'm telling you the truth, I don't know, unfortunately. If it was a year ago, I had a favourite there, but this year ..."

Who was your favorite a year ago?

Simon Kjær: "Last year Lewandowski, but this year I don't know, it will be him, Messi or Ronaldo as usual, no?"

It is always them, the great, great champions.

Simon Kjær: "Yes."

A setback for your Milan, are you already focused on the next step, how did you cope with the defeat against Sassuolo?

Simon Kjær: "That we have to do better in many aspects of the game, the offensive part but certainly also the defensive part. The last two games we have conceded seven goals and that is too much. So there is to improve for all parts."

Have a good evening!

Simon Kjær: "To you too!"

And have fun!

Simon Kjær: "Thanks!"

Many thanks to @for_danmark for the English translation.

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