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Interview Simon Kjær before Croatia - Denmark

Interview: TV 2 SPORT · 22 Sep 2022

Danish interview with Simon Kjær in the Milan studio. He speaks about his injury and his way back to being stronger than ever before. This was broadcast on 22 September 2022 before the Nations League match between Croatia and Denmark.

Interview Simon Kjær

It didn't really look like much when Simon Kjær felt to the ground on a bitterly cold December day last year after just one minute of play in a match for Milan.

Simon Kjær: "When that happened, I knew it was not good."

It quickly became clear that the inner ligament and cruciate ligament had been torn and the Danish national team captain woke up to a completely new everyday life.

Simon Kjær: "Something positive came out of being injured - it was that I could be at my children's birthday. Otherwise, I've only been to Milas 1st birthday and Viggo's - I think I've been there twice. After all, they are 9 and 6 now."

But if you think the serious injury also meant an increased focus on familylife - then you are wrong.

Simon Kjær: "People started saying - it will be nice now you will have some time with the family - yes, but I also worked from 8 to 20 for five months so I have been home but not very much available."

To help with the rehabilitation, a physiotherapist moved in with the family full-time and Kjær had an oxygenchamber set up for him to lie in. A dedication that can be difficult to understand for the national team captain's two young sons.

Simon Kjær: "Everyone as a parent understands the unconditional love you get for children - but you still have some things that you care about and some things that are your passion and these are some things I still try to this day - and this morning - where my youngest boy said to me 'Can't you stop playing football - because you don't have much time at home and you're often away' Where I said to him 'Do some things 100 percent and dedicate yourself 100 percent to a passion.' It is something that is very, very important to me - that my children understand why I spend so much time and why I put so much energy into it."

"When that happened, I knew it was not good."

- Simon Kjær about his cruciate ligament injury

We will return to why it is so important to pass this lesson on to Milas and Viggo. Because first we have to try to understand Kjær's motivation during this difficult time.

Simon Kjær: "It still bothers me about that match in England..."

Where one of the biggest defeats of the career - is also used as gasoline (Simon speaks over and says - we should stood there - they were no better than us) in the rehabilitation to get tired.

Simon Kjær: "But no, how I would have liked to have played that match one more time."

It probably won't happen but Kjær won the match over time and was ready for the new season and not least the World Cup and let's just get back to the lesson for the sons because the national team captain could have used when he was younger.

Simon Kjær: "I wish I had shown that sooner, how much time I have actually lost - from getting to the end - barely compared to having to start training - and then - Oh, I'm tired today - and then go in - and then take a shower - and drive home again - for what? To come home and lie on the sofa and play Play Station? Time goes by quickly and all of a sudden you're at that end - but that end can always be moved as long as you can hold on and as long as you can dedicate yourself - then it's me who decides when it ends - and it ends not just yet."

Many thanks to Stine for sharing this video and thank you Randi for the English translation.

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