Interview Simon Kjær before Denmark - Finland
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Interview Simon Kjær before Denmark - Finland

Interview: TV 2 SPORT · 11 Jun 2021

Simon Kjær interview before Denmark against Finland, which was broadcast on June 11, 2021. How does he feel about the first match of EURO 2020?

Simon Kjær interview about Denmark - Finland

Simon Kjær, now there is only one day left until you go into the game. Seriously, how do you and your teammates feel about this?

Simon Kjær: "Surprisingly little... Still a good and relaxing atmosphere, but it's starting to get close, and then we'll just go in and get a handle on the last things, in about a little over an hour. And then really just looking forward to play, we know what we are good at, we know what we need to focus on, and then the adrenaline and all that should come. It's about enjoying it."

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You stand as a captain out there and have an overview. How would you like this match against Finland to go?

Simon Kjær: "On our terms, we are fully aware of the strength of Finland. Which players we should have extra focus on. But at the same time, it is also incredibly important that we enter the fight with confidence, with faith in our own abilities. We have no reason for anything else. With the necessary respect and then we must show them that this is our homeground and we must have a good start. That's how I hope it's going to happen."

"It is incredibly important that we enter the fight with confidence, with faith in our own abilities."

- Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national football team

A player you know from the Danish super league before is Teemu Pukki. Have you talked about being able to get him "plugged" without you being able to reveal too much?

Simon Kjær: "He's an incredibly skilled transition player and his timing and his running are really, really good. And we need to be aware of that. Take care of their conversions. We know this is one of the places where they are really good."

"So of course we have looked at it, but again it has to be on our terms. We have to play our games. We have to believe in ourselves. We are at home. You should be able to see that and I hope you can see it. And I look forward to showing it."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.