Simon Kjær interview before Denmark - Finland
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Simon Kjær interview before Denmark - Finland

Interview: DBU · 20 Mar 2023

Simon Kjær interview about the preparations ahead of the match between Denmark and Finland.

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær, now you're back, for god knows which time, at the National Team camp here. What are you most looking forward for this time around?

Simon Kjær: "Well, really just to come back and get started with a qualification, and after the World Cup it didn't end the way we wanted, both for the team and actually also for myself. It was a bit of a frustrating period, after a long rehabilitation process. And we didn't redeem that potential and the qualities we have, so it's just about coming out and talking things through a little more than we already have. And then go out and play football and start a new qualification. It will be great and we will of course go to the European Championship."

"It' s really just seeing the boys, spending time with them, hearing how they feel. The daily life with the National Team, the build-up to the matches, the social for me. It is a new team, so it will also be a slightly different challenge, than we have faced in the past, in terms of getting everyone included, so it will also be exciting, but at the same time I really also want them to see how, us who have been here for a long time, how we feel and become part of it. So I don't really take it as a big task, I see it coming quite naturally."

"I'm hoping that we can built it up so it will be similar to what we experienced in Denmark in the summer of 2021 because it's so close to Denmark (Germany). And basically identify ourselves by going to championships every time. But also bouncing back from the World Cup... It will be a hard and difficult qualification given the fact that if we don't win every game we can experience criticism. Therefore the pressure this time is different compared to other qualifications. We must keep that in mind but at the same time also be aware of the qualities we have as a team and how great we are. I see it as a great opportunity to building the team for the future. If we have a good qualifying and a good Euro 2024, there's this next big thing in the future - The WC. And to get to the WC you need to be seeded first. I'm not sure if that changes due to the new FIFA rules... But it has always been very important. Therefore it's full speed ahead."

Many thanks to Randi and Stine for the English translation.

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