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Simon Kjær's best coffee, best weather and more

Interview: Herrelandsholdet · 30 Aug 2017

The best coffee, the best weather and more according to AC Milan player Simon Kjær. Read the English translation below.

Simon Kjær interview about his favourite stuff

Best coffee?
Simon Kjær: "Best coffee. It's really very simple. It's in Italy. It is made with love and it is a pleasure to drink a coffee in Italy. You enjoy it there and I do too."

Wildest fans?
Simon Kjær: "They have it in Turkey. I think many places in the world that you can not experience a Derby like you can in Turkey. With Fenerbache and Galatasaray. It is an experience in itself and something unique."

The best weather?
Simon Kjær: "Now I have not been in Spain that long. But at least it's been hot. And maybe a little too hot. I have been told that there will be 8 months now here which should be absolutely fantastic. Pleasant temperature and the sun is shining so it must be Spain. I hope so."

Best tattoo artist?
Simon Kjær: "That's a good question. I've got some tattoos like that a little bit all over the world. But the best tattoo artist? I must say... France. For it was where I found my tattoo artist that I use now. But he is from South Korea. So it does not go completely under the category, but the tattoos I have had made by him were in France. So it must be France."

Coolest language
Simon Kjær: "It must be Italian. At least it's a language that I really appreciate, and actually also enjoy speaking. And my first Latin language when I came out. That must be it. And once I sit here again, you must ask me again once I have learned to speak Spanish."

Best dining experience
"Simon Kjær: "I have a penchant for Italy I must say. I just had a wedding there too, with Italian food. So it's Italy again."

Best clothing style
Simon Kjær: "There is probably not... Now it does not come as a surprise for many people, but the Italian style, they get praise for all over the world, so it will be Italy again."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.

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