Christian Eriksen Dutch Interview - After Netherlands vs Denmark

Christian Eriksen Dutch Interview - After Netherlands vs Denmark

Interview: NOS · 26 Mar 2022

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen speaks in Dutch after the friendly match between The Netherlands and Denmark on March 26, 2022. Read the English translation below.

Interview Christian Eriksen

A very special evening of course, your comeback with the Danish squad. What did you feel when you entered the pitch?

Christian Eriksen: “Like a footballer again. I mean, I’ve been away for a while of course. I played a few international matches in the Premier League. I’m very happy to be back and it is of course a great start to score after two minutes. So, yes the feeling was very good. It was very nice to enter the pitch.”

Was it hard for you, because you know there are so many emotions around this match?

Christian Eriksen: “No, I was just looking forward to it. Many people were feeling emotions, but I was just focussed on playing football again. And that’s how it has been the last couple of months. No, it felt good to play again on this international level.

Then after only two minutes you score a goal. Isn’t that an incredible scenario?

Christian Eriksen: “Yes, great! I wanted to score a second one. That other one missed so closely. I mean, I couldn’t have had a better comeback than this.”

Subsequently you hit that ball with a tremendous power to the post. It looks like you have never been away.

Christian Eriksen: “No, I feel the same way. I mean, mentally I’m still the same footballer. And I know my quality hasn’t changed. I know that. So, that’s why I don’t feel any different. I’m glad to show that I’m still that footballer.”

How was your comeback with Danish squad? You’ve been to Marbella, which took a little longer than you initially wanted. How did the team welcome you? Has it been emotional in a way?

Christian Eriksen: “Of course, I know the guys. Unfortunately, some of them couldn’t be there, who were there during the European Championship. So I still have to see them. But to be back with Denmark, with whom I’ve been together for over ten years … they welcomed me as a family member. And that’s exactly how it feels. Of course, it was a bit emotional. But then again, the topic changes to football right away. The next morning, I was the footballer again. Just like that.”

We are inclined to go back to that moment, during the European Championship. We haven’t spoken to you ever since. That’s the first think we have to think of, because it was such a traumatic and sad event for everyone. So many people were crying in front of their screens, when that happened. And you’ve been through that now. Is it something you have fully let go or do you think a lot about that moment?

Christian Eriksen: “I think about it a lot. It is a part of me. And it is also, like you say, a part of the world. I meet many people that say something about it and also what you write. Now that I’m playing football again, every article includes pictures of that event. It comes back every time again. I think that will change, maybe the next few months. It will remain a part of me. But it is more about football than about the guy that was away a couple of minutes during the European Championship.”

It is like you have never been away. So that’s very good to see. The fact that your comeback is here, in Amsterdam, does that make it a little more special?

Christian Eriksen: “Definitely, I’m so happy. I have the feeling that I missed the 1/8 final here in Amsterdam, between Denmark and Wales. That was a pity. To be back here always feel good. And to be back in this stadium… I have had so many great years here. So as you can see, I still know where the goal is.”

Yes, we could see that very well!

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