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Simon Kjær interview after Denmark vs Kazakhstan

TV2 · 14 Oct 2023

Simon Kjær interview after the qualifying match Denmark versus Kazakhstan, on 14 October 2023. Denmark won 3-1 and Simon reached the all-time record of 129 appearances for Denmark.

Simon Kjær interview

Let's get to it… you have equalized Peter Schmeichel's record of 129 caps with the Danish team… You've also told me that your family - your wife, your kids, your dad and so on - are here today… What kind of experience is this to you?

Simon Kjær: "Today was the first time I walked out on the pitch with my two boys. That was very special. Something I had never imagined. Also having my injury almost two years ago in mind… It has been a long journey from when it all began in that game against Sweden in 2009 and til now. Many great things and many things I could have wished differently. That's how my career has played out with the Danish team. But the joy of coming home to play for Denmark has made it all worthwhile. In reality there's no place I'd rather play. The Danish team is the "club" I have had most games with. It has been a huge privilege. Eeeehm… Peter Schmeichel… in Danish football it's obvious how great a player he's been. Some will say the greatest. To me he's definitely "up there". A player who played a big role in Denmark becoming European Champions in 92. So to match his record that's a privilege and something I'm incredibly proud of. Now my hopes are to have another one on Tuesday."

I've just talked to Peter's son, Kasper Schmeichel, your teammate. Besides speaking highly of you, he also says that he doesn't think that his father could have thought of anyone better to hand off his title to than you, what does that mean to you?

Simon Kjær: "Of course that means incredibly much to me. Peter has been and still is a huge personality in Danish football. The way he played back then. Some will say that they were afraid of him sometimes as well, but that was who Peter was. He has my deepest respect. When it comes to his son I respect him at least as much as I respect his father. Kasper has been a part of my journey for the most of it. So hearing him speak nicely about me I can only say the same about him. It's amazing and I'm proud."

How did the boys react to coming onto the pitch?

Simon Kjær: "They were a little nervous and then it was pretty damn cold. No, they had a great experience. It was very cool to enter Parken with them. It meant a lot. I've been on the team for 14 years. I think I've participated in my kid's birthdays each twice. Three of the times was when I was injured. We have all been deprived of much time together. At the moment the youngest is struggling a lot when I leave, so having this experience together was very nice. I hope that he has reached an age - he turns 8 next month - that this will be something that he remembers. The oldest will remember for sure and so will I."

Many thanks to Stine for the English translation.

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