Simon Kjær interview after Denmark vs San Marino
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Simon Kjær interview after Denmark vs San Marino

San Marino RTV · 7 Sep 2023

Simon Kjær was interviewed by San Marino RTV after the European Qualifying match on 7 September 2023. Denmark won 4-0 over San Marino.

Simon Kjær interview

Did you expect such an organized team? (referring to San Marino)

Simon Kjær: "I thought that they would come here and play their game, they are very good in the defensive phase, they put everything in the match, maybe got a little luck, but they did a very good job. We, however, conquered those three points that were very important for us."

Two important matches and now the one with Finland, a derby, to decide the first place in the group.

Simon Kjær: "Yes, we miss the three points we lost in Kazakhstan. Now we must show our qualities, we must show who we are although we know that it will be a very difficult match there."

A very exciting group. All seemed very easy for Denmark and Slovenia but things got complicated.

Simon Kjær: "Well, modern football is like this. No matches are easy. Everybody knows how to run, how to defend, and very often just 5 cm can make a difference and you have to work a little more. Obviously, if you score in the first 15/20 minutes of the match, things get easy, you have more space to play, it's easier to show your game and your qualities. But if you wait 60 minutes, you have to find other energies to start over. As I said, football is like this, no game is easy."

A question about Serie A, San Marino is in Italy and there are a lot of fans there. Milan started very good this year in the league.

Simon Kjær: "Yes, we had a great time, last year. And the year before when we won the league. But this year we have new players, very good ones. Of course some of us stayed together for like three years and we tried to be better in time, trying to find new ways to express our game, our thing. But continuity is good for football, it makes you work in the best way. We bought a lot of players, now we are two players for every role, and we have good hopes for our team."

Champions League Group. A very beautiful one.

Simon Kjær: "Yes, I prefer a group like this. I want to play against the strongest ones. Champions league is champions league. Everybody wants to face the best ones."

"I prefer a group like this. I want to play against the strongest ones."

- Simon Kjær about the Champions League draw

Milan will go through. Which is the other team?

Simon Kjær: "Ah, very good question. This is a very open group. It depends on the 5 cm I told you before. Every match is a 50-50, because it depends on the time and the shape of the team. We surely pass the turn, the other one, I don't know, it doesn't matter."

Are Milan and Inter the contenders for Italian league?

Simon Kjær: "I don't know, it's very early to say so. Of course we want to play for it. When you play in Ac Milan winning the league is your goal. It must be. We are Ac Milan."

Many thanks to Jessica for the English translation.

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