Simon Kjær interview after San Marino vs Denmark
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Simon Kjær interview after San Marino vs Denmark

TV2 · 17 Oct 2023

Simon Kjær interview after he reached the new record of 130 appearances for Denmark. It was right after the European Qualifying match between San Marino and Denmark on 17 October 2023, that the Danes won with 2-1.

Simon Kjær interview

Then we've also got Simon Kjær over here. Simon, we've just spoken to your national coach, who had it a bit difficult to put into words and explain what you've delivered this evening. Can you give us an explanation of the performance?

Simon Kjær: "No, there aren't many games in this team - playing such an international game, but there are a lot of things that we have to look at, and then there is really not many excuses, it just wasn't good enough today. The most important thing was that we got the 3 points we needed, but otherwise there is not much to take with us."

Simon, you're a man who says things straight and now I don't know if you've had time to talk to each other on the pitch. But what do you want to talk to your teammates about? What do you think they delivered tonight? Including yourself of course?

Simon Kjær: "Well, I'm not the type who needs to go in and shout and scream now. Everyone is aware of the situation and so it is better to have a look at it , and then talk through some concrete things. What is happening - why are we perhaps getting there, I'm sure Kasper will probably have a look at it. And see those things through. I don't think it's really the setting that's missing. I actually think that many times we have an okay pressure, and we are also very good on the pitch. But it just doesn't work."

Just quickly here at the end Simon, we also asked Kasper what he was talking to San Marino's national coach about, but Kasper doesn't speak Italian. I saw you were up and having some conversations with some of the players. What was it about?

Simon Kjær: "I think … In matches like this... I think the referee allows too much... It's clear when the goalkeeper shoots to the corner every time to get the ball, to get the ball behind the goal, to constantly set the pace down in the match, then it is clear that we are saying something on the field. Then the referee starts to get frustrated with us because we say something .. it's part of the game, and then I just say at the end, it's a clear red card against Højlund because it's 100 percent deliberate, and I think there has been a situation with Neymar, exactly the same , where he gets a knee directly into the spine and he actually breaks his back. It is dangerous and there are three judges right next to it. They have just told him on the pitch that now they are going after his knee, after that situation there."

Could you understand what they said?

Simon Kjær: "yes yes I said to the judge, do you want me to translate now? But it is the referee who sets the line, he has to decide that. I just can't understand it. We also have .. VAR . I could see it all the way down from behind, he does that 100 percent consciously

Simon, congratulations, you are the Dane with the most international matches ever..

Simon Kjær: "Yes, thank you..

Is there 130 on all the jerseys , or only on yours?

Simon Kjær: "I actually don't know. I only saw it when I went in today. A little something from our clothing staff. Nikolaj and them... No, that's it... I'll have to... it's a tough fight right now, but I'm proud of that."

Congratulations on that Simon.

Simon Kjær: "Thank you - Thank you."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.

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