Simon Kjær camper interview ahead of EURO 2024
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Simon Kjær camper interview ahead of EURO 2024

DBU · 14 June 2024

Simon Kjær camper interview ahead of EURO 2024

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær: :"I think many things.

I think I still can remember most of the names from here. And then exactly what we have in our hands -It's a bottle with some red soda - I think it is - like back then - it was my father who was the coach. And he had made this for us. So it's a funny picture. A good memory I have from my time in Lund ,and also with the people where it all started.

I don’t know. Of course you dreamed of becoming a national team player, but maybe it was a little bit too early to actually have an idea of ​​whether you were good or not, so I think it was really just the joy of playing football, and the love of football which I think was the overriding thing back then.

Football was my life, and really has been ever since. Football has meant everything to me. I slept with a football in my bed from a very early age, so football has always been my first love. You could say.

It started somewhere with the love for football, and it is still the love for football, and not least for this national team, which means that I find the motivation when I run around in Italy every day, because the meaning for me to play in the national team has always been huge, and when you also starting to feel, that you’re in the later years of your career - there are still years left in me - then you also start to be able to appreciate things a little more than you did before, and time flies in football, but you don't always have time to take it in.

We all know - and I have lived abroad since I was 19 years old, I know what home is for me, it is Denmark and the Danish national team, and it is like that too.. I’ve been part of both the good times, but also the less good times on the National Team, when we haven't really been able to fill up Parken, and then helped fill up Parken, and create memories, for the Danes, for us, together. It's something I'm sure I'll remember.

So we’re in a period right now where we have to - kind of find ourselves again, and have all sorts of opportunities for that and qualities, to go down and play a big final round in Germany, where to - yes I think there is - yes I don’t know how many days passed before all the tickets were sold out. So it says a little about the support we feel, so let's go after a big summer, and why not... We have to dream…."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.