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Simon Kjær interview San Marino TV

San Marino TV · 17 Oct 2023 (Original UEFA footage was replaced by a still image)

Simon Kjær interview with San Marino TV after the European Qualifying match on 17 October 2023. Denmark won 2-1 over San Marino. And Simon Kjær reached a new record of 130 caps for Denmark.

Simon Kjær interview

Let's start with the appearances. A very important record for you and for the national team.

Simon Kjær: "Yes, absolutely. 130. A day I will remember for all my life, with my family and all my team mates. And also, in the end, we won three points."

Maybe the three points were the most important thing, for you all.

Simon Kjær: "Absolutely, yes, we didn't play like we wanted to play but sometimes football is like this. Congrats to San Marino but there a lot of things we need to improve."

There were a lot of protests for the 1-2 goal. You speak Italian so you tried to explain it to the San Marino team.

Simon Kjær: "There was a thing outside of the area and we scored 10 seconds after. We kept playing but they believed till the very end, so I understand, I tried to explain that to them."

And you were very angry about the foul in the middlefield.

Simon Kjær: "Yeah, that's a red card. Because it was deliberately. There is nothing to explain. It's a red card cause he went directly on Højlund to hurt him. And then the guys also used bad words. I told it immediately to the referee because I realized someone was going to get hurt. In the same situation, in a match against Colombia, Neymar broke his back. Luckily, nothing has happened to Rasmus."

Many thanks to Jessica for the English translation.

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