Simon Kjær talks to Kasper Hjulmand in Landstrænerne
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Simon Kjær talks to Kasper Hjulmand in Landstrænerne

Interview: TV2 · 14 Nov 2022

From the Danish TV show Landstrænerne: What does Simon Kjær say to Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand? In this video the captain is saying beautiful words to the manager. The English translation is below.

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær: "Hello Kasper, What makes you a unique football coach, is that you see the person before the footballplayer and at the same time, you are insanely ambitious. Will win at any cost."

"The best example was at the European Championship last summer where we went through something as a team that we will hopefully never experience again. You saved us from the storm and were the captain of everything and gave us the feeling that it was okay to play football."

"So, I think that is the best example for me, and I also think I speak for the whole team, so there´s not especially many people who have that, and we greatly appreciate that."

Kasper Hjulmand: "So, of course, I'm also super happy about it, and super proud of it - it's clear that this is something we do together. I am happy to get the good words from a fantastic captain for Denmark - not just a captain but also a super person and a good player, but it means that there is a good connection between us and the staff and so on - those words mean something of course, that makes me very happy."

Many thanks to Rita, Stine and Randi for contributing.