Interview Simon Kjær about Milan winning the scudetto
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Interview Simon Kjær about Milan winning the scudetto

Interview: TV2 SPORT · 22 May 2022

This interview with Simon Kjær was broadcast on Danish TV2 SPORT right after Milan won the scudetto. This phone recording was so far the only way to capture it. So you're about to see very rare footage of our viking. And a great, great interview.

Interview Simon Kjær

Simon, first of all, those were some crazy scenes on the pitch. How was it to be a part of that and also after off the pitch?

Simon Kjær: "It was crazy! It's because everyone is so happy. It's very difficult to put into words. It's absolutely amazing... to see how much it means to the fans. It's an awesome experience."

Hey, congratulations! Your first title if I recall correctly. How is that?

Simon Kjær: "Ehhm... I hope it's not the last. I'm so incredibly proud. I came to Milan two and a half years ago and a lot has happened. For the team and the way we have improved. No one believed that we would become champions this year. We have always believed in it. All though we knew there was a lot of hard work to be done and and it would be a tough road. I think it's an amazing feeling to have inside now."

When you and Zlatan arrived in Milan some experience was brought to the team and things started happening...

Simon Kjær: "Personally I find it very difficult to praise myself. But one of the things AC Milan found important was that some continuity and professionalism was brought into the team in terms how much work you'll have to put into it every single day. Also in the case with my injury now... if you have to make an exercise 20 times and you only do it 18 times you're already falling behind. And if you fall behind on one you fall behind on all of them. That's what we've tried to implement, that you have to give yourself 100% every single day. Because if you do that in the world of football today, you'll be able to outrun the others. Also lots of passion... There's a lot of things."

Is this your greatest win?

Simon Kjær: "I've always had difficulties comparing the national team and the club. It's two completely different things emotionally. But there's no doubt that this is the greatest I've experienced. Enjoy it! I also said it to the boys in the EUROs in Denmark. Enjoy it while it lasts. There's a little bit of chaos, but you can't be sure to ever get such an experience again."

"But there's no doubt that this is the greatest I've experienced."

- Simon Kjær about winning the scudetto with Milan

I need to know... When will we see you back? It's been 6 months without any time on the pitch.

Simon Kjær: "The last four weeks my programme has been scheduled after how it went in the game in the weekend."

What does that mean?

Simon Kjær: "It means that I had gotten myself ready to play today. I don't think that the doctors wanted or wished the same. Luckily for them no one had been injured or quarantined.

Then I would have said that of course I was ready to play. I feel good!"

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Does that mean you're ready for the Danish team as well?

Simon Kjær: "No, I'm not. Some things are more special. If I had played this game I knew the risk, but playing the Danish team in June would be risking too much - the "thing" in November. But if I SHOULD/WOULD have risked something it would have been for the game today. I feel good. I now have a month and half to two months to work on myself before the new season begins."

That's good to hear. Thank you for your time and congratulations on winning the championship.

Simon Kjær: "Thank you, and safe travels."

"I was ready to play. I feel good."

- Simon Kjær

Many thanks to Stine from Denmark for sharing this and for the English translation.

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