Simon Kjær interview at Milanello
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Simon Kjær interview at Milanello

Interview: Viaplay · 10 May 2023

Absolutely stunning footage of Simon Kjær at Milanello, AC Milan's training facility.

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær: "I call it home. This is where my children have been for the longest time. It's their life. Of course my children speak... they understand Danish. They talk like that and... I have a Swedish wife. So it's kind of a funny language sometimes. They mostly speak English, but understand Danish, Swedish, English and Italian now. And they also call this home. Of course they have to 'go home' to Sweden, and sometimes to Denmark. But this is home for us."

It's highly impressive when you actually see how many clubs you've been to. If you have to reflect on that journey there, what do you think about it, when you think back on so many countries, so many clubs in that time there?

Simon Kjær: "I remember being asked a question by my... I don't remember if it was my agent Mikkel or if it was my father who asked me `What would I have chosen if I could have gone from Palermo to Milan and played here throughout my career, or I would have had the career, that I have had, with having experienced so many leagues so many clubs, so many cultures, and cities, having experienced so many things."

"I think I would have sold it to that I would have played here my whole career, but on the other hand, all the places I've been have had a meaning for me, and have had a meaning for my family. My children have lived in many countries, it has shaped them, it has shaped my wife and I, and me as a footballer.

I've always tried to take the things with me from the leagues I've been in. I probably wouldn't have been the same defender today if I hadn't been around all over the place.

It has been a fantastic journey for me, but I have also come to a point now where... if you had asked me, when I was 21, when I would think about my final years as a footballer, then I would probably have the answer: Around now. But on the other hand, I have also found out, because of my injury and how to develop, I still have many years left.

I´m nowhere near full. I feel better now than I did before I was injured. Purely physical. I can feel that I've had knee surgery, but I've also never felt my body is as good as it is now. Which I love."

"I still have many years left. I feel better now than I did before I was injured."

- Simon Kjær

"It´s something that has given me 100 percent love for football, and the understanding of why what I do, is what I do. To this day. What was my boyhood dream, why was it the dream to play football, what would it really mean to have a dream and play football. How much time I spend on it.

My wife might have wanted one more child, but it is not going to happen at this time. I will not compromise with my football. I'm not going to compromise on the time I spend in it. Then we'll have to do it sometime when I'm done playing in many years. But I will not compromise. I want to live my dream now. As a footballer, and where I am, to the fullest. I will not compromise. So I'm in a good place."

Many thanks to Marianne for sharing. And thank you Randi for the English translation.

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