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Interview Simon Kjær before EURO 2020

Interview: Danmarks Radio · 12 Jun 2021

In this interview Simon Kjær speaks about being away from family and friends. It was recorded and broadcast before EURO 2020.

Simon Kjær interview

Simon Kjær: "It’s insanely annoying that we can’t see our families or be near our fans. We have to sit here with masks on and maintain our distance the entire time. Of course it’s annoying but that’s our daily routine at the moment and it’s a pity we can’t get the most out of a championship finals in Danmark, which we’re unlikely to ever experience again."

"I told the team when we were gathered down in Austria (where the Danish team trained before the EUROs): Savour the present. Enjoy it, this day we have for however long it lasts, because suddenly it’s gone and we don’t know if there’ll ever be another finals again… One thing is certain, none of us in this team is going to be part of a final on Danish soil again."

Many thanks to Karen for the English translation.

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