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Photo: Stockphoto · 2 April 2022

In an exclusive interview with, AC Milan defender Simon Kjær speaks about the recovery from his heavy knee injury. Many fans from around the world are looking forward to his return, as can be seen from the continuous support on social media. has been in touch with his media advisor Lars Hendel and here's what Simon Kjær says about his recovery, AC Milan, Denmark and more.

Simon Kjær interview about his recovery

Simon, how are you doing? Can you tell us about how your recovery is going? Is it proceeding according to plan?

Simon Kjær: "It is going well. I am following the plan and working as hard as I can. My mindset and my goal is, that every day I must do a bit more than the day before. I am happy for every step forward, but I have to be patient, because it simply takes the time, that it has to take. Soon my knee is strong enough to let me do almost everything, and then I can step up my training physically. I believe, that I will get back stronger. It sounds like a cliché, but I am working on other parts of my body, so I actually believe that this is a chance to make my body stronger."

You're out for six months, almost 4 months down, 2 to go. What do you miss most?

Simon Kjær: "I miss playing football. It is very simple, because even though it is also a job and a career, then my passion for playing football is the most important thing. If one day I suddenly couldn’t feel my love for football anymore, I would stop immediately. I miss my team mates, the excitement of matches, and I miss the fans. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for your support. Every positive message from all of you nice people warms my heart. So honestly, I can’t wait to get back."

"I miss my team mates, the excitement of matches, and I miss the fans."

- Simon Kjær

Is there anything you're doing during your recovery, that you usually don't have time for?

Simon Kjær: "Both my wife and I have heard people telling us, that now we would have more time for each other, when I was injured. But actually I am even more occupied during the day in my recovery work with treatments and training the whole day. But in the evening it is different, because now I am not away with the team in a hotel before a match, so now I can put my kids to bed every day, and that feels great. And I have just spent my Birthday at home with my family for the first time in 12 years, because normally I am always away with the Danish national team at my Birthday. So that was nice."

AC Milan is the number one in the Serie A right now. What are your thoughts about how AC Milan is doing?

Simon Kjær: "It is amazing to watch my team mates keeping focus, winning games, and staying in the race for the title. We have improved a lot as a team, since I arrived. We have matured as a team with Pioli as a great manager, and now I am just looking so much forward to being back with the team. My goal is to be ready for the pre-season this summer."

"I have just spent my Birthday at home with my family for the first time in 12 years. So that was nice."

- Simon Kjær

Have you been in touch with the Danish squad? Is there anything you're involved with while you're away?

Simon Kjær: "I was Face-timing with the Danish team before the two recent games, and we are constantly in contact. We have a great team spirit, and it is always a pleasure and great pride to represent my country. As a captain I feel responsibility for the team, and to be honest it was difficult not being there with them. And maybe this time especially not being there with Christian (Eriksen). I I would have loved to enter the pitch in Parken with him on his return to our national stadium, but it is just so great to see him back doing what he loves to do."

Many thanks to Simon Kjær and Lars Hendel for this interview with

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