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Interview Simon Kjær at NDR Sportclub

Interview: NDR · 16 Dec 2012

Back to Wolfsburg times with Simon Kjær! Watch this German TV show Sportclub that was broadcast by NDR on December 16, 2012. Simon Kjær speaks about Wolfsburg, the crew visits his old club FC Midtjylland and they speak about his tattoos. Read the English translation below.

German interview with Simon Kjær

First the interviewer is pretending to make a tattoo with the logo of the TV magazine on Simon’s hand, asking if it hurts, then explains that Simon joined the fun and it is only an airbrush tattoo.

First words in German, tonight, Simon?

Simon Kjær (in German): “I am happy to be here and I am sorry that I don’t speak German here today, my German is not good and I am not so sure of what I am saying.”

Your German is very good! How was your day today? Probably a bit ruined after the defeat yesterday?

Simon Kjær: “It was not what we expected. It was a difficult match, it did not go as we thought.”

How was training? Forget it and prepare for the cup match?

Simon Kjær: “It is good a new match is up on Wednesday, for me personally and for the whole team.”

I believe you. It was not quite your day yesterday, we will look at the match.

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Simon Kjær about yesterdays Wolfsburg match against Eintracht Frankfurt

What about you yesterday. You were rather strong this season, was it one of the days you only have once during a season?

Simon Kjær: “I can’t do much about it. Of course I always want to play well but yesterday it did not work. It was a difficult match so I am glad on Wednesday there is the next one.”

What do you think about the red card (for Josué, Wolfsburg player), there was not much discussion about it, only Klaus Allofs (manager Wolfsburg) had an exclusive opinion about it. How did you see it?

Simon Kjær: “In the match it did not look as bad as it looked now in the TV report. Okay, he (Josué) only looks at the ball and surely does not want to hurt the opponent. So the decision was a bit hard, but acceptable.”

That’s how everyone saw it, so it’s bitter to play short-handed after 15 minutes. It also got interesting after the match when coach Köstner said at the press conference, I want it to have things put straight whether I stay coach or not. What do you think, should he stay?

Simon Kjær: “I understand him well, as, like a player, you want to know where the journey is going. But it’s not my choice and my opinion does not matter here, I think, this has to be decided by Klaus Allofs.”

But your opinion is that he does a good job?

Simon Kjær: “Mr Köstner was always very important for me. My season started two months ago. For me he is really a very good coach.

He trusts me and this is why I play good football – okay, not yesterday – but otherwise I feel fine with him.”

Simon Kjær about his contract at Wolfsburg

Klaus Allofs has to decide many things, has he spoken to you yet? Your contract runs until 2014? Are there talks to extent it?

Simon Kjær: “I see this all relaxed. I am playing for two months now, now comes the Christmas break. Mr Allofs will make the decisions and I wait for his decision and then I decide from then on. But I am very happy at Wolfsburg and would be glad about an extension.

That’s a statement, but that’s the future – but Inka Blumensaat looked back – despite a short time in Germany, you had an eventful life sportswise – and Inka stated where it all began for our guest Simon Kjær.

Video starts. We're at 5:57.

Football academy Midtjylland, Denmark

350 km north of Hamburg – football academy Midtjylland. Everywhere traces of an extraordinary player. Coach Glen Riddersholm remembers clearly the conversation with the 16 year old.

Glen Riddersholm: “His aim was to become the best player, the best defender in the world. He was a special player. He looked into my eyes, he was very sure. We have a little black book, he placed it in front of me and said, Glen, these are my aims, my dreams, you have to help me.

Simon want to reach high, wants to become a professional football player like father Jorn. Ambitious and very self confident, that’s how he makes his way.

Glen Riddersholm: “He was maybe, like Franz Beckenbauer in former times, arrogant and charismatic, but this was also his strength, so to find a mixture between this arrogance and his strength was the job for me as a coach.”

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From the middle of Denmark, with 19, to Italian Palermo. The skin gets more colorful, the experience growing. Denmark’s national coach counts on Simon Kjaer for years now.

Morten Olsen (off voice): “He is a great defender, very good header play, he improved a lot.”

Because of this in 2010 Dieter Hoeneß (former manager Wolfsburg) pays 12 mio Euro for the centre back. But with the new coach/manager (Felix Magath) Simon does not have a good stand, the performances – varying. Magath loans him to Rome, he rather involuntarily returned this summer. To the replacement bench.

Glen Riddersholm: “It was hard for him to handle this, but I think he learned. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. This is always important. And for Simon, he is still young, only has a four year career until now and I believe, he comes very strong out of this experience.”

What a restart. With coach Köstner, Simon did not miss a single minute. Convincing head of defense, important striker. Of course all watched from Midtjylland, where they also remember Simon’s weak sides!

Glen Riddersholm: “He was not tidy! I hope his house in Wolfsburg looks more tidy then here from 2004 – 2007!”

End of video, back into studio. We're at 8:52.

Simon Kjær about cleaning up his mess

It was not tidy, we’ll have to ask Simon – everything tidy at home now?

Simon Kjær: “I think so... I learned a lot at FC Midtjylland, I was educated there and was taught a bit to keep my things tidy.”

Football training and tidying your room?

Simon Kjær: “Exactly. That’s how it was. That’s what I needed.”

But on the field you never had a problem with discipline?

Simon Kjær: “No. I always did my job. Maybe I was a bit arrogant sometimes concerning playing football, the opinions of others. But I think I can deliver something good, but I also keep it a bit as somehow I think it is my strength, and when I make a mistake I am learning from it.”

But to be a bit arrogant on the field and take the lead is something good, essential is discipline - but what was, when you have such good features, the problem with Felix Magath, what did not fit?

Simon Kjær: “Well, I sometimes express my opinion where I would have better kept my mouth shut. Some coaches can handle this, others not. He has his own vision, I accepted this 100 percent that I did not play, but I trained, and Mr Köstner, well the change is positive for me.”

"I sometimes express my opinion where I would have better kept my mouth shut. Some coaches can handle this, others not."

- Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær about his career

Okay, as a 18 year old - as we already mentioned some stops in your career in the video - you had an offer from Real Madrid. Did you regret not going there, or was it good for your career when looking back.

Simon Kjær: “Oh well, when I look back, it was good I did not go there. You have the chance only once, you need to have a lot of luck to get it twice. It would have been great, it's sad, but I am happy about my career and I just keep on working, continuous.”

Your career - we don't want to put this wrong, is still at the beginning, you are 23 years young - would you nevertheless, with what you experienced, consider yourself an experienced player?

Simon Kjær: “I think so. I was in two final rounds, was shortly before relegation with Wolfsburg but helped getting us away from the bottom of the list. I tried out a lot, got to know many cultures, this helps me, helps me personally to approach my everyday life a bit calmer and more relaxed, also my training.”


Markus Babbel has quite a lot of tattoos - we have to talk about this of course as we started with it - he had the clubs tattooed he played for. You obviously have other motifs. What do they mean - you don't have to explain them all, but why did you turn into such a tattoo fan?

Simon Kjær: “My first tattoo I got as a present from my parents when I was 18 - maybe they regret it by now! I don't know, but I think it looks good and I feel fine with it, I like it. Maybe it also turned into some kind of sport, a spurred ambition.”

At HSV there was a player who got a tattoo and then got an infection and could not play, although they did not tell. You have a new one on your back now, is everything okay with it?

Simon Kjær: “Yes, everything okay. It's not the first time I am having one, so, for the time being, everything okay with the tattoos.”

You can come to me for further tattoos, I know now how it is working, but, well, it can be removed - we are happy you joined this fun.

Simon Kjær: “I think this one is enough, we'll leave it at this.”

Will you leave it on until midweek, then maybe you win the cup against Leverkusen. As a lucky charm. Do we want to leave it there, until Wednesday?

Simon Kjær: “I don't know. I don't think so. Honestly.”

Thank you a lot, Simon Kjær. All the best and lots of success!

Many thanks to @simonkjaerscreenshots who deserves more credits for this than I can ever give. Thank you @simonkjaerscreenshots for the English translation. A huge thank you to @darkskyla for sharing the video. And thank you @kjaer.delaney and herrelandsholdet on Tumblr for posting the original screenshots.

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