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Interview Simon Kjær - The Dads Club - Alle Vores Børn

Interview: TV2 · 28 Nov 2021

The dads interview Fædreklubben with Simon Kjær, Thomas Delaney, Kasper Schmeichel, Andreas Cornelius, Daniel Wass and Jannik Vestergaard. From the TV2 special Alle Vores Børn, that was broadcast on November 28, 2021.

The Dads Club featuring Simon Kjær

Andreas Cornelius: "I’ve forgotten which side is my good side."

Thomas Delaney: "Okay, boys, we’re going to answer some questions from dads about being a dad."

Simon Kjær: "Cool. "

Thomas Delaney: "Who starts?"

Simon Kjær: "He, who’ll soon become a dad."

Andreas Cornelius: "I just want to say thanks for allowing me to join. I’m not a dad yet, there’s a month or so to go, so I’ll get to learn a bit here, right. So I’m looking forward to hearing about what it’s like to be a dad here."

'Which dad are you a fan of yourself and look up to?' Well, of you who are sitting here, I’d say... I’d probably say Simon, because those two boys at home - they have a lot of energy, I’ve got to say. And when they cause too much trouble..."

Thomas Delaney: "Do you like that?"

Andreas Cornelius: "Yes, I like that. I’m hoping that I can learn from that. That they listen to what I’m saying."

Jannik Vestergaard: "Is that how you expect to become?"

Andreas Cornelius: "I don’t think I have the same authority as Simon. Unfortunately, I just don’t have it in me. I’m going to be that dad who, I think, they’ll run rings around, and then the lady at home is - she’ll become the strict one. She is now anyway, so those are the roles we’ll continue in, I think."

Kasper Schmeichel: "I’ll take one now. 'What do you say to a 3-year-old who does the 'flitsbue' in the supermarket?'"

Andreas Cornelius: "What is a 'flitsbue'?"

Thomas Delaney: "Is it like this."

Andreas Cornelius: "It’s this one."

Daniel Wass: "When they aren’t allowed to get the piece of chocolate that they want."

Thomas Delaney: "I know that. I have once been left in a supermarket by my mom."

Andreas Cornelius: "Deliberately or had she forgotten you?"

Kasper Schmeichel: "Have you been left behind?"

Thomas Delaney: "Yes, because I was being difficult and making a scene."

Simon Kjær: "If you give in..."

Daniel Wass: "Yes."

Simon Kjær: "... then he or she will do it again. So you just have to deal with the conflict from the beginning."

Jannik Vestergaard: "Yes, there you have it."

Andreas Cornelius: "But what the hell do you do, when you’ve planned a strategy for how you’ll raise your kids, and then everything goes wrong. Threats?"

Jannik Vestergaard: "What would you use as a threat?"

Simon Kjær: "A consequence."

Andreas Cornelius: "We’ll send you down to the trading-central, if you don’t... threats like that, do they help? I’ve heard them a lot of times, do they help, you think?"

Daniel Wass: "They don’t."

Andreas Cornelius: They don’t?

Daniel Wass: "No, I mean... you may be able to make a threat with something, but if you aren’t serious about it, they really don’t care. Can you see what awaits you, Corner?"

Andreas Cornelius: "I’m taking notes."

We're at 2:16 in the video at the start of part 2.

Jannik Vestergaard: "Kasper, I think this one is for you. 'How does it sound when you sing a lullaby for your kid?'"

Kasper Schmeichel: "I’ve grown up in a musical home. My granddad was a professional musician, my dad plays all the instruments, and when I grew up, my dad’s piano was in the room right below mine. When we had been tucked in, my dad would sometimes sit until 1-2 o’clock in the night and play the piano. And I could hear that, so I’ve always grown up falling asleep to music. So that’s something that I’m trying, or have tried, to pass on to them. I’ve now begun to learn how to play the guitar. Not particularly well, but I do know how to play 'Mariehønen Evigglad'."

Thomas Delaney: "Do you play goodnight-guitar for them?"

Kasper Schmeichel: "I play the guitar for Nanna now. It can actually get her to sit still and lay still. It’s also caused both my daughter and my son to also have guitars that they sit with and try to play along sometimes, so it’s actually really great."

Jannik Vestergaard: "I just sing completely normal children songs. Sometimes when it’s me who’s laying there when I’m home, I’ll ask: 'Which song should we sing?' He’s understood now that I play football. So one evening, he says; 'football.' Phew... in that moment I was a bit like; “what football songs can I sing?” And the only one I can think of, that’s 'Der er et yndigt land' (national anthem), so it..."

Andreas Cornelius: "I’ve heard from Elina that you sing some really great lullabies."

Simon Kjær: "I come up with them myself."

Andreas Cornelius: "You come up with your own..."

Simon Kjær: "Based on what we’ve done: We get up, what we do doing the day, who has picked them up from school, what we’re going to do, and..."

Thomas Delaney: "It’s simply so boring that they just fall asleep."

Jannik Vestergaard: "What melody? What melody?"

Jannik Vestergaard: "Do you also come up with the melody?"

Simon Kjær: "It’s a Swedish one: 'Titta, kom och titta'."

Andreas Cornelius: "Most of the songs like that are made on the melody of 'Jeg er havren'."

Simon Kjær: "It’s still pretty nice."

Jannik Vestergaard: "Yes, it is nice."

Simon Kjær: "When you have the chance."

Jannik Vestergaard: "It actually is nice."

Many thanks to @captainkjaer on Tumblr for the English translation and Randi.

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