Tijjani Reijnders Dutch Interview: From Aldi to AC Milan

Tijjani Reijnders Dutch Interview: From Aldi to AC Milan

Interview: NOS · 21 Jul 2023

Just after he was signed by AC Milan, Tijjani Reijnders was interviewed by the Dutch NOS. Read the English translation below.

Interview Tijjani Reijnders

From the north of Holland to the north of Italy, the transfer of Tijjani Reijnders is a beautiful twist in his life.

Tijjani Reijnders: "This city is a metropole. And hopefully we will find a home soon, so that my wife and I can live a good life here. That's the plan."

His qualities did not go unnoticed. Reijnders had the luxury of multiple options. Even FC Barcelona showed interest and one Premier League club.

Tijjani Reijnders: "I did something right last season! The fact that those clubs called me, made me proud. Absolutely."

And the ambtitious plan that AC Milan prestented, appealed to him most.

Tijjani Reijnders: "They considered me as a midfield target, next to the other new signings. We had this conversation. The coach explained the tactics and told me what he expected from me on that position. It gave me a great feeling. Eventually, that made it an easy choice for me."

Have you received any messages from Marco van Basten or Ruud Gullit? Or Frank Rijkaard?

Tijjani Reijnders: "No, no... I haven't! I don't know them personally. Actually, I don't think they have my number! But my dad used to be a huge fan of Marco van Basten. So, the idea that he will see his son playing here, is absolutely amazing. It gives a feeling of pride."

"It is special, that I can play for this club, where these three legends have played as well."

With the biggest smile on his face, Reijnders now starts this new adventure.

Tijjani Reijnders: "I am so excited. And to show my smile on the pitch, that would be a good sign."

Only a few years ago he worked at a supermarket. This is his boyhood dream.

Tijjani Reijnders: "Yes, it's so funny. I recently noticed an article 'from amateur to AC Milan'. But when I think about it, I like 'from Aldi to AC Milan' even better!"

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