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Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão: AC Milan teammates

AC Milan teammates Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão are like a father and son. "Mio papa," is what Rafael Leão called Simon Kjær at least once. See what they say about each other and watch the best pictures of those two.

Simon Kjær about Rafael Leão before Napoli - Milan

Simon Kjær was shortly commenting live on Danish TV 2 SPORT about his AC Milan teammate Rafael Leão, before the match between Napoli and AC Milan on March 6, 2022. Watch the video and read the English translation below.

Video: TV 2 SPORT · 6 Mar 2022

Simon Kjær about Rafael Leão: "He has an incredible ability to set up goals for people and be vital in the final third and get past people. And then he has a speed that... yeah, I’m not sure anyone can keep up when he gets going.

If I have to be a little tough on him, it’s also about time soon. He’s now had the time that he needed. So I also expect Rafa to take over and progress. It’s no use to keep talking about that potential. Now the potential has to come out and it has to be consistent. He has all the people around him to support and help him with that."

"I’m not sure anyone can keep up when he gets going."

- Simon Kjær about Rafael Leão

Rafael Leão about Simon Kjær: Mio Papa

It is quite obvious that Simon Kjær has become like a dad to Rafael Leão. Look what Rafa posted on his Instagram after the match between AC Milan and Cagliari on August 29, 2021.

Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão pictures

Our favourite viking Simon Kjær and the coolest surf dude Rafael Leão aren't just AC Milan teammates, they are like a father and son. Let's conclude with a few pictures of those two.

Okay, okay, and a GIF. The shortest, but best ever. Of those two.

Read more and watch the best Simon Kjær AC Milan GIFs.

Many thanks to Marianne and Rita for contributing and thank you captainkjaer on Tumblr for the English translation.

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