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Simon Kjær and Stefano Pioli: Rare intelligence and sensitivity

It is no secret that Simon Kjær and AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli get along very well. On this page you will find some of the best pictures and quotes from various interviews.

Simon Kjær about Stefano Pioli: "First of all, he is an excellent coach. At the same time he is also a fantastic person who takes care of all his players, creating at the same time a team-level structure both on and off the pitch. Then he wanted more experienced players, we were signed by Milan to bring a certain culture on and off the pitch. His trust in me is 100% and also we support it 100%."

"I already knew the value of Kjær. He is a man of rare intelligence and sensitivity."

- Stefano Pioli about Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær: "When I have doubts or think that there are tactical aspects that can be changed to improve the individual and collective performance, he listens to me: he wants to find the ideal situation for his players. In the end, of course, he decides: but there is a dialogue. He is the perfect coach for me."

"Simon is a vital part of our dressing room when it comes to intelligence and charisma, and we are all very close to him."

- Stefano Pioli about Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær: "For me, he is a fantastically skilled coach both on and off the field. But where he shines most through is on the personal level. He is primarily interested in how I feel as a person and then as a football player. I really appreciate that."

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