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Simon Kjær & Viktor Fischer

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What's going on with Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer?

Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer may be the funniest couple on and off the pitch. They'll do anything, yes anything, to make life hard on each other. Let's see what that looks like.

Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer: Sweet celebration

Alright, let's start with a Kjær and Fischer hugging GIF of the guys playing for the Danish national team. Because that's one of the reasons we're here for.

These are scenes from the match Bosnia against Denmark on June 3, 2016. During the match both Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer score a goal! Unfortunately, Denmark lost after penalty kicks.

Here's the video. Terrible 2016 quality, but fun to watch them both score and celebrate!

Kjær and Fischer making fun of each other

In one interview Simon Kjær was asked who spends the most time in front of the mirror before a match. The answer? "I'm not 100 percent sure it's completely correct, but I just have to bother Viktor Fischer when I get the chance, so of course it's him," said Simon Kjær. So yes, here's the evidence that they love to make fun of each other.

Andreas Christensen, Anders Lindegaard, Simon Kjær, Viktor Fischer and Christian Eriksen.

"I just have to bother Viktor Fischer when I get the chance."

- Simon Kjær about Viktor Fischer

Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer as opponents

At some point Simon Kjær played for Fenerbahçe while Viktor Fischer played for Ajax. They met each other during the UEFA Europa League in 2015. Fenerbahçe won with 1 - 0 during the match in Turkey on 22 October 2015. The return match ended in a 0 - 0 draw on 5 November 2015. It looked like this:

Before the match Viktor Fischer actually said some nice words about Simon Kjær: "I know Simon from the Danish team. He's a good player. And a very nice guy. I'm looking forward to playing against him."

About the match against Simon Kjær, he says: "Furthermore, it's a good team. And we need to be ready for it. But it will be a difficult match. That's always the case in the Europa League. But especially this one."

Simon Kjær and Viktor Fischer: Where did it go wrong?

For example during bus rides. Just see yourself what happened:

And this. It looks like Simon Kjær has been meaner to Viktor Fischer than the other way around.

Viktor Fischer showing Simon Kjær's hotel room

But then again this. Back in 2016 Viktor Fischer shows Simon Kjær's hotel room making fun of how Simon benefits from his position as a captain. First he shows his own room and at 2:17 in the following video he enters Simon's room. Read what he says. More or less this:

First Viktor Fischer is just describing his room, the new features of the room like the chaise longue, the view over to Helsingborg (in Sweden) from Helsingør, where they are, and Kronborgslot. He says it’s important to put your football shoes outside, because they super stink. And although they’re used to it, the cleaning lady isn’t. Then he says: "Let’s go over to Simon Kjær’s room, and see how the team captains room is different from a little man like me."

He says Simon Kjær’s room smells like hell, because his shoes aren’t out on the balcony. He says Simon seems to have hidden this feature and isn’t too proud of it, but he’s “obviously” requested a bathtub with lion feet. As the captain he’s the only one who has this. And he has the coolest doors going into the bathroom. "He’s got two entrances to the bathroom, which is so cool," he says. And the room even looks straight out in the Sound. Which is something he’s requested.

"Simon Kjær’s room smells like hell, because his shoes aren’t out on the balcony."

- Viktor Fischer about Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær's birthday wish to Viktor Fischer

When Viktor Fischer turned 22, the Danish players recorded some birthday wishes. Does Simon know his age? And what does he wish his friend? Look what Simon says at 0:38 in the video and read the translation below.

Simon Kjær: "Viktor, you little piss ant, you are, what are you, turned 21 so ... or what? No... happy birthday and I hope you bring a little more than you have been before, but I wonder if you will focus a little more on the training, up in Rhein than in lovely Amsterdam... Have a good day."

Simon... That wasn't very nice. At all.

Are Viktor Fischer and Simon Kjær best friends?

Apart from all the cruelness the guys seem to be best friends. Just watch them smiling!

Viktor Fischer currently plays for Royal Antwerp FC, while Simon Kjær plays for AC Milan.

Many thanks to @simonkjaerscreenshots, @natasha.karramba, Randi, Karen and diegoalvesisgod on Tumblr for contributing. Yes, this was a real team effort again. Team Kjær on fire!

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