Fenerbahçe wanted to sign Simon Kjær: This is what happened
News · 1 February 2024

Fenerbahçe wanted to sign Simon Kjær: This is what happened

Fenerbahçe inquired about Simon Kjær during the January 2024 transfer window, but the Danish wall will stay with AC Milan. There were many rumours. Fenerbahçe fans showed their excitement. AC Milan fans waited in fear. What happened? Here's the full story.

Fenerbahçe inquiry about Simon Kjær

It all started with a tweet by Turkish journalist Arda Birben on 6 January 2024. He wrote: "Fenerbahçe tested the pulse for Simon Kjaer."

Simon Kjær played in the Turkish Süper Lig for Fenerbahçe earlier in his career, from 2015 until 2017. The fans still admire him and would love to see him returning.

Fenerbahçe sporting director arrives in Milan

On the same day several media reported that Fenerbahçe sporting director Mario Branco and his assistant Okan Özkan travelled to Milan for transfer negotiations. It was said that they were specifically interested in Rade Krunic and Simon Kjær.

Krunic moved to Fenerbahçe later in January. But what happened with Simon Kjær?

Turkish media speculations: "Simon Kjær is coming to Fenerbahçe again."

Quite soon Turkish media went wild over a possible return of Simon Kjær to Fenerbahçe. Several even reported that it was a closed deal. Haberler.com said: "Simon Kjær is coming to Fenerbahçe again. The star football player is expected to join the team."

Mynet even wrote that Simon accepted the offer: "The former star of Fenerbahçe may return to the team! Simon Kjær accepted the offer and now it's only a matter of time."

And there's Yeni Şafak who wrote: "Good news for the fans: Fenerbahçe's legend is returning." They added: "It was learned that Simon Kjær is willing to come to the yellow-dark blue team." And they posted a beautiful picture of Simon Kjær and Robin van Persie, who played together for Fenerbahçe from 2015 until 2017.

AC Milan fans in fear about Simon Kjær

The Fenerbahçe rumours weren't exactly what AC Milan fans wanted to hear. Simon Kjær has repeatedly been praised because of his outstanding performance, experience and leadership skills. To see him go would be a true nightmare.

Fenerbahçe fans excited about possible return of Simon Kjær

At the same time Fenerbahçe fans showed enormous excitement about the possible return of their hero. On social media the coolest videos and pictures showed up. Just to show you a few of the very best:

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Een bericht gedeeld door KALPLERDE FENER 🇹🇷 (@kalplerdefener1)

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Een bericht gedeeld door 𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐲 (@snowy.futbol)

And what about these artistic pictures. Sweet stuff from the Fenerbahçe fans, who truly admire Simon Kjær.

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Een bericht gedeeld door Arici Cem (@sarilacivertaskiyla)

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door sᴀʀɪ ʟᴀᴄɪ̇ᴠᴇʀᴛ ᴀşᴋɪʏʟᴀ (@sarilacivertaskiylayedek)

What happened next?

Rade Krunic indeed moved to Fenerbahçe, but nothing happened with Simon Kjær. There were no official statements and the January transfer windows has been closed. It is understandable that the Fenerbahçe fans are disappointed, because they would love to see Simon return in yellow and blue.

To AC Milan fans it's a big relief that Simon Kjær stayed. He has a contract until 30 June 2024, and renewal with AC Milan is the most likely scenario.

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