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AC Milan season 2023-2024 featuring Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær is with AC Milan for the 2023-2024 season of Serie A, Champions League and Europa League. A ton of newbies have joined the squad, but luckily they have Simon Kjær, who is the most experienced of all. Read the latest.

14 April 2024: Sassuolo vs AC Milan

Simon Kjær with AC Milan against Sassuolo. The match ended in a 3-3 draw. Simon was in the starting lineup and played until the 55th minute. It was a difficult match. Simon certainly gave his all. He left the pitch with a minor injury. Due to this injury Simon won't be available for the upcoming Europa League match against Roma. Next week his situation will be reevaluated.

6 April 2024: AC Milan vs Lecce

Simon Kjær and AC Milan 3-0 victory against Lecce. Simon entered in the 61th minute. Victory, clean sheet, and repeat.

7 March 2024: AC Milan vs Slavia Praha (Europa League)

Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 4-2 against Slavia Praha in the Europa League. Simon played from the first to the last second of the match and was praised for his performance again. The Italian newspaper Tuttosport wrote: "Usual tidy game from the Danish centre-back."

1 March 2024: Lazio vs AC Milan

Simon Kjær and AC Milan won 1-0 against Lazio during a match that was crazy chaos, with 3 red cards for Lazio. Simon was in the starting line up and played until the 81th minute.

Simon's media adviser Lars Hendel said on X: "Simon Kjær with a rock solid performance in AC Milan's 1-0 away win vs Lazio.
- Most accurate passes on the pitch (67)
- Most clearances (6)
- Most interceptions (3)
- 1 keypass."

That's amazing. Another interesting fact: after the match there was a bit of a fight between the teams on the pitch. Simon joined, not to fight, but to keep them away from each other. He approached the riot fearlessly. And got them away from each other successfully.

Victory. Clean sheet. Repeat !

22 February 2024: Rennes vs AC Milan (Europa League)

A 3-2 defeat against Rennes but AC Milan is through to the round of 16 in the Europa League. Simon played an excellent match, made many great saves. After a block by Simon Kjær, Rennes were awarded a penalty. But was it a penalty? Never.

15 February 2024: AC Milan vs Rennes (Europa League)

A perfect Europa League night for Simon Kjær and AC Milan. 3 - 0 against Rennes. Another fantastic performance of Simon Kjær. Simon was in the starting lineup and played until the 62th minute.

11 February 2024: AC Milan vs Napoli

Simon Kjær and AC Milan 1-0 win against Napoli. Simon was in the starting lineup. In the 66th minute he was substituted, probably due to a minor injury.

The clip below with Rafa Leão was just before the match started.

3 February 2024: Frosinone vs AC Milan

Simon Kjær and AC Milan 3-2 win against Frosinone. Simon's agent Mikkel Beck: "This is what I call stability. Simon Kjær and his team AC Milan now with 6 wins and 2 draws in their last 8 games in Serie A after their 2-3 away win last night against Frosinone."

27 January 2024: AC Milan vs Bologna

Simon Kjær against Bologna. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. Simon was in the starting lineup. He almost scored with a header. During the match he pushed the team to move forward and play offensively. In the 38th minute Simon was hit and Milan got a penalty out of that, which Giroud couldn't get in unfortunately.

There was nothing Simon could have done differently to prevent Bologna from scoring two goals. Simon played a great match and thanks to many saves, he prevented Bologna from scoring more goals. AC Milan missed two penalties and couldn't secure the win in the final minutes of the match. Not the opponent, but the sky high self-created pressure seems to be Milan's biggest challenge these days.

Thankfully, Simon knows how to cope with this pressure and the others can learn from this.

What's next. Reflect. And move forward. The desire to win is so strong - victory will come soon again.

20 January 2024: Udinese vs AC Milan

Simon Kjær away win: Udinese vs AC Milan 2-3. Simon was in the starting lineup and showed another strong performance. The match had been suspended for a while due to acts of racism against Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan. We say NO to racism. This has to stop.

14 January 2024: AC Milan vs Roma

Simon Kjær and AC Milan won 3-1 against Roma. Simon gave a perfect assist to Giroud, who scored the 2-0. Simon played 90 minutes from the start till the end. What a great performance. Check out the assist in the video below at 1:21.

10 January 2024: AC Milan vs Atalanta (Coppa Italia)

Simon Kjær played the Coppa Italia match on 10 January 2024. AC Milan vs Atalanta 1-2. Simon entered the match in the 38th minute when Matteo Gabbia got injured.

7 January 2024: Empoli vs AC Milan

It was a rainy match against Empoli for Simon Kjær. AC Milan won 0-3. Simon was in the starting lineup and played until the 84th minute. And smiles because of Dani Maldini. Simon played an excellent match. When he's on the pitch, things work out.

30 December 2023: AC Milan vs Sassuolo

Simon Kjær and AC Milan won 1-0 over Sassuolo on 30 December 2023. Simon was in the starting lineup and played until the 80th minute. AC Milan has many injured players at the moment. But defence is in safe hands when Simon Kjær is on the pitch.

After the match Simon Kjær and his former AC Milan teammate Samuel Castillejo said hi.

Furthermore, In an interview with DAZN Simon was asked about Theo Hernández as a centre-back. Simon Kjær: "He is a central defender to whom every now and then I have to say ‘stop, stay here, don’t go away’."

There was also an interview with Milan TV.

La Gazzetta dello Sport about Simon Kjær's performance against Sassuolo: "Position, experience and charisma. The Dane conveyed serenity to the entire department and also lent a hand with the setup."

22 December 2023: Salernitana vs AC Milan

Simon Kjær was in AC Milan's starting line up against Salernitana. He played a solid first half with several great saves. Just before half time he got hit hard by the ball, in his face, and didn't return in the second half, when it was 1-1. The away match ended in a 2-2 draw.

17 December 2023: AC Milan vs Monza

After the match against PSG, our favourite defender was away for a while due to a muscle injury. On 17 December Simon Kjær made his comeback against Monza. He was in the starting line up against Monza. Simon played an amazing match and brought vibes to the team like only he can. AC Milan won with 3-0.

25 October 2023: PSG vs AC Milan (Champions League)

PSG vs AC Milan 3-0. Simon Kjær entered the Champions League match in the 90th minute when Milan was 3-0 behind.

22 October 2023: AC Milan vs Juventus

Simon Kjær entered the match against Juventus in the 79th minute. Milan was 0-1 behind at that point, which also was the final result of this match.

30 September 2023: AC Milan vs Lazio

Simon Kjær and AC Milan won 2-0 against Lazio. Simon was in the starting lineup and played a solid match. Simon Kjær: "Saturday night with a win and a clean sheet. What a pleasure! San Siro was wonderful - as always: Thank you!"

23 September 2023: AC Milan vs Hellas Verona

A very special one, Simon Kjær's 100th appearance for AC Milan. Simon played an excellent match, that ended in a 1-0 victory.

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16 September 2023: Inter vs AC Milan

The derby against Inter ended in a 5-1 defeat. Simon Kjær played a good match. His stats were excellent, with a 92% passing accuracy and 11 out of 12 duels won. Nevertheless, the defeat hurts. Simon Kjær: "This is a setback, especially for the fans but for us too."

When Milan faces a defeat, Simon has to do the talking. Because he can. It is incredible how he puts into words what happened, how we feel and how to move on.

Thank you Simon for your words. We need you in every way.

26 August 2023: AC Milan vs Torino

Simon Kjær started the 79th minute against Torino. AC Milan won with 4-1.

When he arrived at San Siro stadium, Simon Kjær once again proved to be the best looking footballer.

During the match AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan got injured, and was looked after by Simon Kjær.

21 August 2023: Bologna vs AC Milan

AC Milan's first match of the 2023-2024 season was against Bologna on 21 August 2023. Simon entered the match in the 88th minute. AC Milan won with 2 - 0.

Look at these sweet scenes of Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão. Make sure to check the special feature on this website about those two, if you haven't done that yet.

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