Atalanta vs. AC Milan: Zooming in on Simon Kjær
News · 21 August 2022

Atalanta vs. AC Milan: Zooming in on Simon Kjær

Although Simon Kjær didn't play the match against Atalanta on August 21, 2022, the cameras zoomed in on him several times. We've got the full lockerroom scene, some footage with Rafael Leão, beautiful close-ups and more. Let's get ready to zoom in.

A note from Simon Kjær GIFs

Before we go ahead. We'd rather share images of Simon Kjær on the pitch. And footage of him as a defender. But we have to be patient. He's getting there.

Simon Kjær arrival in Bergamo

First things first. Here we can see Simon Kjær arriving in Bergamo ahead of the match against Atalanta.

Simon Kjær lockerroom scene before Atalanta

Before the match between Atalanta and AC Milan started, we got an unprecedented peek inside the lockerroom.

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Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão things

During the match between Atalanta and AC Milan, the cameras caught this scene below, showing us two things. First, Simon Kjær looked more than ready. Second, he gave Rafael Leão 'the look'. Rafael Leão was substituted and seemed upset. But we all know Simon Kjær is like a father to Rafa. So, no worries, Simon will teach him how to fly.

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We've got some more. At the beginning of the second half, we saw him talking like that. The match resulted in a 1-1 draw.

Atalanta vs. AC Milan: Simon Kjær pictures

Before and during the match against Atalanta, some great pictures were taken of Simon Kjær. Feel free to replace 'great' by an adjective that you think suits better.

Which once again confirms that Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer.

What's next?

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League group stage draw takes place on August 25, 2022. AC Milan's next match will be on Saturday August 27, 2022, against Bologna. The next Nations League match with the Danish national team will be on September 22, 2022, against Croatia. Check out the full list of fixtures. Furthermore, we are counting down to Qatar.

That's all for now. Stay tuned. Chew gum. And check out some nice Simon Kjær GIFs.

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