Simon Kjær and Denmark World Cup dream turns into nightmare
Qatar · 30 November 2022

Simon Kjær and Denmark World Cup dream turns into nightmare

Australia won 1 - 0 over Denmark, which means that the Qatar World Cup 2022 is over for Simon Kjær. Our favourite defender didn't play due to a thigh injury. Together we cry.

Simon Kjær interview after Australia - Denmark

Simon Kjær: "We are ready to take the beating. We deserve them. We have not performed satisfactorily at the WC at all.

We lie flat and apologize. But this does not change who we are as people and what we can do on a football pitch. We haven't become worse footballers because we're quitting now.

I don't play because I'm not able to play with my thigh. It is always Kasper's decision who plays. And against Australia I couldn't play 90 minutes. And yes, it is incredibly frustrating for me.

I am incredibly disappointed and sad on behalf of the team. We had high expectations, but we have not been good enough at the small details. Kasper must now go home and analyze that, he points out."

Simon you are turning 34, is this your last WC final round?

Simon Kjær: "No, I don't think so. It's over my body if it's my last World Cup final. I can see some at 39 who are in this final round. Why can't I be too? That's how I look at it now.

I will play for another ten years. I've been through a lot this past year, and I've never had a problem finding motivation.

I said we go out together. It is the team that wins and today it is the team that loses. We have so much quality in our squad, but we have to admit that we are not able to redeem it."

Has all the talk that has been going on off the field affected you players?

Simon Kjær: "I think it has affected us all. But that will never be an excuse. We must be able to separate the two things. But should the World Cup be played here? No, we don't think so either.

We have not managed to deliver what is required on the pitch. We talked about how we want to win something with this team. It hasn't changed. But of course we have to apologize right now. But I expect and hope that the support will be the same from the Danes."

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