Simon Kjær back in AC Milan starting lineup after nine months
News · 30 August 2022

Simon Kjær back in AC Milan starting lineup after nine months

Simon Kjær was in the starting lineup against Sassuolo on August 30, 2022, and played 80 minutes. What does 80 minutes of Simon Kjær 2.0 look like? Prepare for the full story. All there is. The best pictures, GIFs, interviews, videos and more.

Simon Kjær warm up

A little less than 24 hours earlier, it was confirmed that Simon Kjær would be in the starting eleven. And there he was. After he got injured on December 1, 2021. Nine months of hard work and heavy physiotherapy treatment. Let's just start with some beautiful pictures of Simon Kjær with AC Milan, on the pitch. Time to warm up!

Simon Kjær: And there we go

Simon Kjær 2.0 GIF looks like this.

Simon Kjær against Sassuolo

Time for some action. Right from the beginning, it became clear that Simon Kjær was more than ready. The Minister of Defence made his return. Next to him Tomori. Behind him goalkeeper Mike Maignan who was on fire as well, stopping a penalty in the 22nd minute.

On his other side, Alessandro Florenzi. Earlier that day Florenzi said: "Kjær? He's training great, we all have super confidence in him. I can only say good things about Kjær, he's so important to us and he's a friend." Sweet.

Did Simon Kjær come back after the break?

In the next GIF, Simon Kjær leaving at half time. The big question at that point was: Will he come back after the break? There was no reason to stop. He looked fit. However, this was his first official match after nine months.

But guess what. Simon Kjær came back in the second half.

Simon Kjær taking care of Berardi

In the 51st minute Sassuolo right winger Domenico Berardi got seriously injured and had to leave the field. Simon Kjær was by his side right away. Another reason why Simon Kjær is needed on the pitch: To take care of people. Get well, Berardi.

Simon Kjær played 80 minutes against Sassuolo

Incredible but true, Simon played 80 minutes and then left the pitch. What a comeback! He could have played 90. For sure. He looked happy and very fit. Here's the official fact sheet of Simon Kjær's performance against Sassuolo, provided by FACTS Consultancy.

We found that one statistic was missing. Looks: 100%. Which has something do with the best looking footballer.

So, how did the match end? Sadly, Simon's friend Alessandro Florenzi was badly injured. He had to leave in the 91st minute. Very sad. Get well soon.

The match ended in a 0 - 0 draw. But let's quickly continue with some post match reactions.

Simon Kjær post match interview

Right after the match, Simon Kjær said in an interview: "I do my best to recover well and be available for my team." Watch the full interview right here.

We also have the Sky Sport interview with Simon Kjær. Including the English translation. So, stay tuned for that. Let's digest this first.

What else did Simon Kjær say?

Simon Kjær posted on Twitter: "Happy to be back. Thank you all for the support. Cleansheet... but I would have liked a win!"

AC Milan posted this about the return of the great Dane.

The DAZN interview with Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær also did an interview with DAZN. Unfortunatly, we don't have the original video, at least not in reasonable definition. If you have it, please send a message. Nevertheless, here's what Simon Kjær said to DAZN.

"What did I think on the pitch? 270 days are a lot, a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices. I'm very happy for the return to the field and now I want to help the team. I'm fine, however, I was afraid to stretch. I hope Florenzi is now well".

"I don't decide when I have to suffer. The most difficult thing is to manage the moment. I felt very good during the match, I have to start talking a little more, I miss that."

"270 days are a lot, a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices. I'm very happy for the return to the field."

- Simon Kjær

"Result? We had to win, we played better than them. They played a little by surprise, everyone behind them, in fact they are happy with the point obtained. Something is still missing in the realization phase. We worked hard to exploit the depth, every now and then it is a bit forced, we have to read the game better. On the second balls chaos is created, they defended very well".

"Berardi? I hope he hasn't been hurt either, I don't wish anyone an injury. Berardi is one of the best in Sassuolo, let's hope he won't be out for too long."

Final words

Apart from all this, there's the Sky Sport interview, that will be published here asap. It was very exciting to see Simon Kjær back on the pitch. Coming up next: The derby against Inter on Saturday September 3, 2022, at 18:00h. One more picture to conclude with.

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