5 hidden gems from Simon Kjær's national break in October 2023
News · 21 October 2023

5 hidden gems from Simon Kjær's national break in October 2023

Some more about Simon Kjær reaching his 129th and 130th appearance for Denmark. Check out these 5 hidden gems about what happened during the national break in October 2023.

1. FC Midtjylland congratulations to Simon Kjær

It went almost unnoticed, but Simon's former club FC Midtjylland posted this fancy picture to congratulate him. FC Midtjylland: "130 matches. What an achievement. Simon Kjær is now the one with the most international matches for Denmark."

2. Peter Schmeichel is glad it's Simon Kjær to take over his record

Peter Schmeichel: "I'm just glad it's Simon who takes the record, who has really had an impact on the Danish national team. And have helped the Danish national team into the period that they have now. So of course you hand it over happily, because then you know it is in safe hands."

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3. Adreas Christensen about Simon Kjær

Adreas Christensen: "I think my first match was between him and Daniel Agger against Iceland. Right from the start you could feel the influence he has. As soon as he took over from Agger, he has just been 'the rock'. He's always been on and he's been the connection from us to the coach and everything."

The defender emphasizes the World Cup in 2018 when he thinks back to how Simon Kjær helped him: "Personally, he has pushed me. I was lucky to play the WC in Russia because Bjelland was injured. At that time I didn't play that much, and I remember that he really kept pushing me. He has always pushed and supported me in my development. I wasn't very old, but I could feel that he was important to me when I joined the national team."

4. Sweet clothing staff

Simon Kjær about the '130' that was printed on his jersey against San Marino: "A little something from our clothing staff."

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5. Simon Kjær knows who's next: Christian Eriksen

With 130 international games, Simon Kjær is four games ahead of Christian Eriksen. Simon is well aware that his record won't last 22 years and that one he will hand it over two the three-year-younger Christian Eriksen.

Simon Kjær: "When that happens, I will be the first to congratulate Christian on the record. I sincerely hope he overtakes me one day. Peter Schmeichel had it for 22 years. I won't be allowed to have it for that long. I have no intention of stopping just yet, but when that happens, Christian deserves to get the record after me."

Simon Kjær career stats

Club career:

FC Midtjylland: 19 matches
Palermo FC: 65 games, 5 goals
VfL Wolfsburg: 63 games, 3 goals
AS Roma: 24 games
LOSC Lille: 79 games, 4 goals
Fenerbahce SK: 88 games, 5 goals
Sevilla FC: 64 games, 3 goals
Atalanta BC: 6 games
AC Milan: 101 games, 1 goal

National team career:

A national team: 130 games, 5 goals
U21 national team: 2 games
U20 national team: 1 match
U19 national team: 10 games, 1 goal
U18 national team: 1 match

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