Simon Kjær about AC Milan and the World Cup 2026
News · 21 March 2024

Simon Kjær about AC Milan and the World Cup 2026

It's press day for Simon Kjær, ahead of two friendly matches that Denmark will play against Switzerland and Faroe Islands. About AC Milan, Saudi Arabia, the World Cup 2026 and more. This man is unstoppable. That's for sure.

Simon Kjær about contract renewal with AC Milan

Simon Kjær: "For me personally, I am where I want to be. I play in Milan, I feel good in Milan, I feel good in Milan, so whether a decision has to be made now or in two months, it doesn't change anything."

"If I don't have to, I'm at a point in my life at 35 where I have the freedom to choose what my family and I want."

"For me, it's an ideal situation, and it's not something that worries me in any way. I actually feel really, really good."

"The club knows where they have me, and I know in principle where I have the club. For me, they just need to get their things under control, and if I have to stay at Milan after this season, I'm happy."

"Of course I have requirements. I think anyone who knows me knows that I'm relatively fussy about what I do. I'm not just watching. But I'm pretty sure that we're completely on the same page and that they won't come and ask me for something that they know I don't want. After all, I have been there for four years and participated in many things. If I am going to stay there, they also know what terms they can get me on board with."

Simon Kjær about Saudi Arabia

Simon Kjær was asked whether he has thought about going to Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Simon Kjær: "I would be lying if I said no. Of course I have. I've rejected it in the past too, and I've done so for many reasons. First of all, I've done it because the club I'm at now is where I always want to be. That's where I feel good. It has been a great journey football-wise."

Simon Kjær about the knee injury

Simon Kjær: "I have really learned to enjoy the moment and appreciate the experiences I get as a footballer. I think 90 percent of the national team players who are here don't think about it the way I do. The knee injury changed my mindset in several ways. Both in relation to how I think, live and work."

Simon Kjær about the World Cup 2026

Simon Kjær: "Why shouldn't I play the World Cup in two years if it's going as well as it is now? But it is clear that many things must come together. But it would be foolish not to believe it. WC 2026 is definitely a goal for me, points out Simon Kjær, who acknowledges that the situation could look completely different if he were to unfortunately suffer a new, serious injury."

"My mindset 14 years ago was completely different from today. Back then, it was all or nothing every time. If I lost one of the big matches, I lay 'dead' for a week. The games mean no less to me now. In no way. It's just about me doing my thing. I have to be as well prepared as possible, so I know I can do no more."

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