Simon Kjær and Denmark 0-0 draw against Switzerland
News · 23 March 2024

Simon Kjær and Denmark 0-0 draw against Switzerland

Simon Kjær with Denmark vs Switzerland. The friendly match ended in a 0-0 draw. He left the pitch in the 66th minute. It looked like he was having a minor injury. But from credible sources (himself) we know that it was more a precautionary substitution. He assured: "I'm fine."

Message from

I went to the match and it was absolutely amazing to see Simon playing again. Such a great atmosphere in Parken Stadium. Simon gave his all, as usual.

Obviously, I feel really privileged to have seen him playing again. And to have the opportunity to meet him after the match. I never thought this would happen. And the reason why I run this channel 'because he's a legend' - I can tell you this: HE IS.

Simon Kjær about playing against Noah Okafor

After the match I saw Simon in the stands and asked him something else. How it was to play against Noah Okafor, his AC Milan teammate and direct Swiss opponent. He said that it is always great to play against someone you know. He said that, because he knows Noah well, he knows what he's doing, what moves he makes. But at the same time he realizes that Noah knows him too. Overall, he said he had a great time and enjoyed it.

One more thing

It was fantastic to see some of the fans, of course Randi and Stine, Marianne, Team Mathias Jensen. And Simons family and staff. It was really a pleasure to seeing you all.

Dream big - is what Simon always says.

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