Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 0 - 4 over Dinamo Zagreb
News · 25 October 2022

Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 0 - 4 over Dinamo Zagreb

An amazing Champions League victory for Simon Kjær and AC Milan as they won 4 - 0 over Dinamo Zagreb on 25 October 2022. Simon inspired the team during the huddle and played an excellent match with 90 minutes playing time.

Simon Kjær arriving in Zagreb, Croatia

The arrival of Simon Kjær at the airport in Zagreb and pitch inspection at the Maksimir stadium.

Simon Kjær: The huddle

There's only one king of huddles and that's Simon Kjær. He's done it a thousand times with the Danish national team. And this time he speaks to his fellow AC Milan teammembers.

Simon Kjær 90 minutes on the pitch

In the 10th minute Simon Kjær almost scored a goal after a free kick. As the minister of defense, he built a strong wall that Dinamo Zagreb could not pass. And he celebrated! The match ended in a 4 - 0 win for AC Milan.

Simon Kjær on Twitter

After the match, Simon Kjær shared his checklist on Twitter.

Matteo Gabbia about Simon Kjær

Matteo Gabbia, who scored the first goal, spoke about the great support he has got from Simon Kjær.

Matteo Gabbia: "I am very grateful to Kjær, he took me under his wing. He's always giving me advice; he looks out for me, we joke and hang out a lot even off the field. It's a great relationship. I'm so grateful to him."

And about the huddle: "In the huddle, we charged up, we said the game was crucial, we remembered how much we'd worked to make it here tonight. It was a general summary to then go out and do our best."

Simon Kjær vs. Dinamo Zagreb GIF

There's one thing left on our checklist: a GIF ✔️ Watch more AC Milan GIFs.

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