Simon Kjær suffers injury against Empoli
News · 1 October 2022

Simon Kjær suffers injury against Empoli

Simon Kjær got hurt several times during the match between AC Milan and Empoli on 1 October 2022. He had to leave the field in the 73th minute. It was a crazy match that remained 0 - 0 for a long time. In the very final stages of the match Milan secured the 3 - 1 win. How is Simon doing? This is what we know.

What happened with Simon Kjær in the match against Empoli?

Simon Kjær went down in the 10th minute of the match between AC Milan and Empoli. We could clearly see that Simon Kjær's right knee was hurt and not his left - the one that suffered the cruciate ligament injury. However, he got up and managed to continue playing. Later on in the second half he was on the ground again and had to quit. It is said that he's facing a muscle injury. So, the only thing that we need an answer to right now is: How is Simon Kjær doing?

AC Milan manager about Simon Kjær

During the after match press conference, AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli said: "I talked to Simon. Tomorrow will be another day and I will mark the match in which he can return. Kjær comes from a long injury, unfortunately it can happen. He was fine, he had played little in the national team. Unfortunately, injuries come when you are well. He will be back and will have no problems reacting to an injury that may be there."

We'll keep you posted about Simon Kjær's situation. For now we'll leave you with some pictures from the match between AC Milan and Empoli.

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