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Simon Kjær European Qualifiers with Denmark: San Marino and Finland

Simon Kjær is with the Danish national team for another round of European qualifiers.

11 September 2023 21:12

Kasper Hjulmand about Simon Kjær: "He has a personality that you rarely meet in this world"

Kasper Hjulmand: "When I told Simon Kjær he wasn't going to play from the start, he went out and delivered the best training I've seen. He has a character and personality that you rarely meet in this world. He is the man of the team and an indescribably skilled leader."

10 September 2023 23:56

Simon Kjær and Denmark win over Finland

Denmark win 1-0 over Finland. Simon Kjær entered the match in the 80th minute. Another 3 points in the pocket.

10 September 2023 19:56

Simon Kjær arrival at the stadium

Simon Kjær travelling with Denmark in style.

10 September 2023 16:21

Simon Kjær matchday walk in Finland

Traditional matchday walk featuring Simon Kjær.

9 September 2023 22:53

Simon Kjær training session in Finland

Preparing for the European Qualifying match against Finland.

9 September 2023 08:01

Simon Kjær Europen Qualifiers statistics

Simon Kjær Europen Qualifiers stats after round 5.

▪ 5 Matches played
▪ 450 Minutes played
▪ 0 Goals
▪ 3 Tackles
▪ 28 Balls recovered
▪ 89.6% Passing accuracy
▪ 0 Yellow cards
▪ 0 Red cards

(Via UEFA)

8 September 2023 21:05

Simon Kjær training session

At work. Training session with Denmark on 8 September 2023.

8 September 2023 20:02

Simon Kjær Italian interview with RTV San Marino

Simon Kjær was interviewed by San Marino RTV after the European qualifying match on 7 September 2023. About Denmark. AC Milan. The Derby. And more.

8 September 2023 20:01

Simon Kjær: "Half of them were AC Milan fans"

Sweet stuff. Simon Kjær was a much wanted man by the San Marino squad. It was a special experience for them to play against a big star like Simon.

Simon Kjær: "That's the way it is sometimes when they don't face that kind of opposition in their daily lives. After all, they are fans like everyone else. I think half of them are AC Milan fans."

Many people also wanted AC Milan player Kjær's jersey.

Simon Kjær: "Questions were asked quietly during the match. One of them asked on behalf of someone because there had been a death. I didn't know who it was in his family, but that's why he got it."

8 September 2023 19:53

Simon Kjær shirtless

Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer. Thank you. Grazie. Tak.

7 September 2023 23:11

Simon Kjær and Denmark win 4-0 over San Marino

Another great match in Parken Stadium for Simon.

7 September 2023 18:23

Fans make great banner for Simon Kjær

Some Danish fans made a flag with the following text: Når kampen er svær er det godt vi har Simon Kjær.

It means: When the games is hard, it is good that we have Simon Kjær.

If anyone has a picture of this, please send it to me via Instagram.

6 September 2023 18:33

Simon Kjær matchday walk

It's a great tradition.

6 September 2023 21:14

Simon Kjær training session

And another day of hard work and good times with the Danes.

6 September 2023 18:35

Simon Kjær press conference prior to Denmark vs San Marino

Simon Kjær joined the press conference ahead of the match between Denmark and San Marino. Some journalists were being annoying but Simon spoke up. And he did that well.

5 September 2023 20:35

Simon Kjær training day 2

Simon Kjær working hard. As usual.

4 September 2023 22:51

Simon Kjær is on the Copenhagen metro

Travelling with the Copenhagen metro is the coolest thing these days. Because Simon Kjær is on it. Thanks MisssLing for sharing.

4 September 2023 20:35

Simon Kjær exclusive fan footage

One of Simon Kjær's biggest fans Marianne watched the open training session: "Simon did so well. I noticed he went for the ball and threw himself at it and took it. Very cool to watch!" And look at this photo that she took. Thanks a lot for sharing!

4 September 2023 19:54

Simon Kjær training session with Denmark

Simon Kjær during the training session on 4 September 2023.

4 September 2023 19:53

Simon Kjær has arrived in Denmark

Simon Kjær back with the boys.

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