Simon Kjær returns at AC Milan training session
News · 11 April 2022

Simon Kjær returns at AC Milan training session

On April 11, 2022, Simon Kjær showed up at an AC Milan training session for the first time after his heavy injury. He has been working hard on his recovery, and showed up for the first time at the Milanello training facility today. Continue reading to find out what Simon Kjær and AC Milan said about his appearance. And about the beard bet.

Simon Kjær about his comeback on the training field

Simon Kjær put this message on Twitter: "I'll be back !!! Long hard work ahead." So, there's work to do. But he's getting there.

AC Milan about Simon Kjær

AC Milan posted the first pictures of our favourite defender, so he's officially no longer under the radar.

Simon Kjær and the beard bet

What about Simon Kjær's long hair and beard? Rumour has it that Simon Kjær made a bet that he won't cut his beard and hair until he is back.

Good to know there's a barber nearby, where he can easily go to on the day of his official return.

Simon Kjær about his recovery

In an exclusive interview with, Simon Kjær said about his recovery: "It is going well. I am following the plan and working as hard as I can. My mindset and my goal is, that every day I must do a bit more than the day before. I am happy for every step forward". Read the full interview with Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær is currently recovering after he heavily injured his knee during the match between Genoa and AC Milan on December 1, 2021.

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