Simon Kjær press conference before Kazakhstan - Denmark
News · 25 March 2023

Simon Kjær press conference before Kazakhstan - Denmark

Simon Kjær joined the press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, ahead of the match between Denmark and Kazakhstan. This will be the second European Qualifier for EURO 2024. This is what Simon Kjær said about the artificial grass, AC Milan and Denmark's rising star Rasmus Højlund.

Simon Kjær about Kazakhstan

Simon Kjær about the artificial grass: "We have tried it before, so we must be able to handle it. But it will obviously be a challenge for us. It is a different load than we are used to, but this can't be an excuse."

"We had a difficult match when we were here in 2017. And we expect the same tomorrow. We attack the game as we usually do, and it is important that we continue the good pace we showed in the Park on Thursday. "

"Playing on artificial grass and normal grass are two different things. But we have to be able to handle it. The match will be a little different, and the stadium will also be closed, so it's something else, but we'll probably have to solve that."

"Playing on artificial grass and normal grass are two different things. But this can't be an excuse."

- Simon Kjær, captain of Denmark

Simon Kjær about AC Milan

"That is the coach's decision. I work hard every day and right now I'm focusing on the national team. I do my job, and things will hopefully change at some point," says Simon Kjær to a question about the lack of playing time with AC Milan.

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Simon Kjær about Rasmus Højlund

Simon Kjær: "He is a good boy with a lot of self-confidence. And that's how we treat him. He gets the help he needs, but we also make sure his feet stay on the ground. But he is a good boy, and I don't think we will ever have problems with him."

"It perhaps surprised me a little that it has gone so quickly. He really wants it and works hard. So he just gets a pat on the back."

Then it was time for some laughter, as Simon Kjær said this: "He won his first game this week on Thursday (over Finland) and hopefully he will get his second win of the week tomorrow over Kazakhstan, because in all the other games during the week he has been on the losing team."

"He is a good boy with great self-confidence, and he must be treated as a young lad who has joined a new squad, so he must have all the support he needs."

What's next?

Denmark will play away against Kazachstan on 26 March 2023 at 15:00. Check out all fixtures.

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